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Risk 0 Roleplay only sessions have no risk and no reward.

Arena Week- Top of the Table Gaming Miniatures Simulation Extravaganza

Arena Week 2021

Welcome to Sleeper Island Arena Week 2021
Saturday 23 January 2021 to Sunday 31 January 2021
-Special and fun sessions
-Only Painted Miniatures
-Special Event Rewards

Siege Simulation

Old Brennus isn’t one for games and fun. He is old and has seen some shit but he used to do simulations of battles and sieges with little models and toys with his children back then to pass the time. If his grandkids liked it, he’s sure the adventurers will as well.

“Oh and get me a mage or someone so I can make it look fancy for the audience” -Brennus

This session will simulate a siege using the current version of the WIP Siege Defence system. More details will be given closer to the event
The start time of 17:00 UTC is a placeholder.
Open to all 5+

The Siege Simulation Time Survey
Date: Thursday 28 January 2021
Time in UTC