18:00 - 23:00


Level 05-09,
Risk 07 Death is likely.

Chapter 27: Starting Off An Eventful Year

Some time ago adventurers have found the
city Owlysium east of the UIF portal
area. Promising talks were had with one
of their priests who led a patrol.
The Owlysians are in a war with the
Aranea Filii, a faction described as evil
west of the UIF portal.

The goal of the mission would be to make
contact with the Owlysians again and see
how well they have done since the last
meeting with adventurers of the Allied
Freehold of Katashaka.

Tier: 2 (5-9) [7-10 recommded]
Risk: 7
Party Size: 5
Average Party Level: 9