01:00 - 05:00


Level 01-04,
Risk 06 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential.

Collecting Components (Trial DM Session)

In the parts of the Neathy Woods that border the sea, it is said that high quality ingredients are currently growing that would make for great wine and other alcohol. A request has been made to adventurers to gather such plants, for there have also been rumors of undead lurking in the region as well…

This is my first Fantasy Grounds session, so I should preface that this session will most likely face a few technical issues. If you are alright with this, you will also have to make sure you have the Play By Post role to access my channel called Calmseekers-tranquil-clouds.

Additionally, since this is a Trial DM session, there is a mandatory 4 hour time limit that must not be passed for the session duration.

It would also help if you could decide who will be the leader, scout, and trailblazer along with general loot rules mentioned in the cookbook.