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Level 01-04,
Level 05-09,
Level 10-14,
Level 15-19

Friday – Wrapping up story lines – 1 May

Too many story threads to keep alive, it’s time to wrap up some so I can start some new ones.

Read up and figure out which story lines are to be continued.

Level: Any
Party size: 4-6 characters
Time: 4 to 5 hours.
Risk Level: You pick the objective, hard to say but generally my stuff is 6 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential or higher.
Note: Nothing is scaled to level or to party.

Here’s a list of options, there are more out there.

  • DoF – Khenra Diplomatic Relations (KDR)
  • DoF – Khenra Secret Project – Retrieval of Artifacts
  • DoF – Khenra Ceremony
  • DoF – Rumored Monolith
  • DoF – Saa’s Mystery Quest
  • Filarion Gilleth – Drinking Night
  • Darcy – The Persistent Lover
  • Darcy – The Fallen Friend
  • Shards of Power
  • Fungus Cave
  • Stairs into Darkness
  • Fishing Village – The Great Escape
  • Fishing Village – The Trial of The Slaughter Night
  • Stone Altar
  • Crystal Tower
  • Black Delve – Sleep Wizard
  • The Escaped Hands of the four great halfling houses
  • Migrating Giants – Vridor Jarl of the Frost of the Southern Region
  • Whisper Woods – Doctor
  • Whisper Woods – The Creatures of the Night
  • Whisper Woods – Darklings
  • Whisper Woods – The Gnome Experiments
  • Ghostwood Marsh – Mist
  • Underdark – Exploration
  • Underdark – Saving the Cloister of Darklord Fred the second
  • Underdark – Dark Elf Tribe

So many more.

Without being picked you can discuss story / mission objectives in #🎮dgm-digital-game-machine 

A team with a mission is more likely to get picked as it’s more fun to host for people who want to achieve something.