16:00 - 20:00


Level 05-09,
Level 10-14,
Level 15-19

Friday wrapping up story lines 27 November

Let’s get a “high” level session going.

Too many story threads to keep alive, it’s time to wrap up some so I can start some new ones.

Read up and figure out which story lines are to be continued.

Level: Any
Party size: 4-6 characters
Time: 4 to 5 hours.
Risk Level: You pick the objective, hard to say but generally my stuff is 6 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential or higher.
Note: Nothing is scaled to level or to party.

Here’s a list of options, there are more out there.

  • Briarwall
  • Defending and escorting Darcy
  • DoF – Khenra Diplomatic Relations (KDR)
  • DoF – Khenra Secret Project – Retrieval of Artifacts
  • DoF – Rumored Monolith
  • DoF – Saa’s Mystery Quest
  • Shards of Power – Shard Fragment Hunting
  • Shards of Power – Elder Shard Boss Fight
  • DRM – Exploration

So many more.

See http://sleeperisland.eu/mission/friday-wrapping-up-story-lines-3-july/

Without being picked you can discuss story / mission objectives in #🎮dgm-digital-game-machine 

A team with a mission is more likely to get picked as it’s more fun to host for people who want to achieve something.

Feel free to ping me in my chat channel and discuss options with me.