16:00 - 20:00


Level 01-04

live pbp – Swansong


The curtains start to fall on this giant bird’s last call. 
Off to travel to the sea, this show will have no fee
Please won’t you come along, to hear this swansong.

Hello, this is going to be my last session as a dm. There are certain aspects of being a DM on SI that have stressed me out immensely and so I need to step down. However, I’m a bit of a dramatic soul so I can’t avoid that “One Last Session” theme and have prepared a game accordingly.

The game is a play by post game, but will be live. That means that rolls will be done on discord, but we will be using a voice channel for rp and things and I will be streaming the map through discord. The session has a hard limit of 4 hours. If you are unable to work within these parameters please don’t sign up.