04:00 - 08:00


Level 01-04,
Risk 06 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential.

Lulling Lullaby Loosing Luminescence

DM: Seph
Date: May 19, 2020
Time: 4:00 UTC
Levels: 1–4 Or 5-9 Sign ups dependent
Risk: 5-9

1-4 Fresh Meat
1. Red Door Risk 7 Explored
2. Check inside the Roper cave. Risk 8 Explored
3. Talk to Priest of Jamb. Risk ???
4. Gallivant About Risk A.K.A. Hexcrawl, Safari. Risk ???
5. Corpse Recovery in the Portal Mine Risk 9 Explored
6. Explore a lair NW close to Broc Lee’s Risk 7-8 Explored
8. Explore a lair just before the crossroads. Risk 6-7 Cleared
9. Explore the lair W/NW (Hobgobs spotted) Risk 7-8 explored.

5-9 Riding Their Luck
1a. Explore a lair just before the crossroads. The Hole in the lair. Risk 6-7 Unexplored.
2a. Check inside the Roper cave. Beyond the Doors, into the hall of doors. Risk 6-8
3a. Talk to a Priest of Lord Jamb. Risk ???
Xx. Explore the local Keep N by NW of Broc Lee’s Risk 9 Unexplored

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