12:00 - 22:00


Level 01-04,
Risk 04 Incapacitated is possible.

PBP – Sound Test

Hello everyone, welcome to the crazy idea factory that we sometimes turn Sleeper Island sessions into. A while ago, Nastaris tried to gauge effectiveness of Play by Post, and it went well. A bit after that, KCutajar worked to test streaming some games to make it more interesting for other players. It has been a while since then and the programming of Discord has progressed leaps and bounds so I am planning to mash the two together like some kind of Chimera that hopefully won’t scream in pain about its own existence.

The What: I will be streaming my map over discord and will have people in voice so we can chat similarly to a game on Fantasy Grounds. All rolls and management will still be done on discord through avrae. For this test we will just be using the dice channel and a Join command familiar to those who have played pbp before. All rp will be in voice.

The Who: Because this is a test and a technical mess…. I am asking for people with experience with pbp as well as having enough time on their hands for about a normal FG session length. I will not be taking needs to play for this session.

The Time: Well…. now we get to the heart of the issue. I have not set a full time yet because I want to try to get as many people who can come as possible. On the ticket, please use the pbp time to post when you can be online on the 21st. I am giving the session a 2 hours time limit with the option for longer (possibly 3 hours) if everything is going well so your availability range needs to be at least 2 hours long.

The Task: To make it as simple as I can, though now that I think about it…. probably not for me, I am setting this session as a hex crawl. Go from place to place, roam around the map, maybe walk from WMC to RO or something. Wherever you decide to walk is fine by me.