PBP Session that will likely go for 2ish weeks
13:00 - 13:00


Level 01-04,
Level 05-09

PBP – Tale of the Modern Vampire

Date: April 6th
Time: 1300 UTC
Levels: 3-8
Risk: 7+

Monty^2 requested assistance recovering, or destroying, some stolen black blood. Lending your aid on this mission is sure to win The Architect’s favour… probably… maybe…

This is a PBP Session, as such it means you’ll need to be setup with Dicecloud and Avrae and all that wonderful PBP junk. It also means the session will likely take 2+ weeks to finish. It really depends on your activity levels and mine.

I am usually active from 1300 UTC – 0300 UTC, give or take a few hours depending on the day. But most of you know that already.

So sign up, assuming I made this mission correctly, give me your available times, and go exact vengeance upon some horrid thieves. Or don’t, it’s up to you I guess.