05:30 - 05:50


Level 01-04,
Risk 08 Multiple Deaths are likely.

PbP – The Ancient Awakening

In the Ishah Plains, an ancient evil stirs as the seal becomes undone. A young warrior gets ready to confront his destiny with the monster. He waits at the Monastery of the Rushing Stream for assistance from adventurers.

This is a Play by Post Session. Please make sure you have the proper roles and have set up your characters on Dicecloud, Avrae, and Slvrae. My sessions take around 15 days on average.

A few pinned posts on my channel #calmseekers-tranquil-clouds has a list of basic commands for Play by Post. Make sure to put your active hours on the signup form. In my case, my active hours are generally from 0100 UTC to 1630 UTC. If this doesn’t align with your available times, it may not be the best idea to signup for this session.