24 - 25-May-2020


23:00 - 03:00


Level 01-04,
Risk 06 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential.,
Risk 07 Death is likely.,
Risk 08 Multiple Deaths are likely.

PCs just wanna have fun…that’s all they really waaaaant (Trial DM Session)

We enter the tavern in the morning light
My DM says, “When you gonna live your lives right?”
Oh DM dear we’re not the fortunate ones
And PCs, they wanna have fun
Oh PCs just want to have fun


Possible Objectives:

1. Road Building from Task Board (Risk Level 6-7)
2. Good ole fashion Hex Crawl (Risk Level 6-7)
3.  Exploring the former home of a giant octopus (Risk Level 7)
4.  Following the footsteps in the Silent Forest (Risk Level 7-8)
5. Explore around the newly cleared portal (Risk level min 7)
The difficulty rating will scale based on the picked objective.
Date: 24 May 2020
Time: 23:00 UTC
Levels: 1-4
Risk: 6-8
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