06:00 - 10:00


Level 01-04,
Risk 07 Death is likely.

Road to Ruin: East Bound and Down (Trial DM session)

Rescue Mission Near Ruined Oak

A few hours later we find a group of traveling merchants. The leader of the group named Pietrov Kovachi offers us to stay at their camp for the night and are a very helpful sight for the exhausted group of ours. In total the Kovachi consist of 6 members. Pietrov, Alenka, Bela, Lela, Damia and Sorvia Kovachi. Pietrov clearly values his family very high and asks us to put a good word in for them in Ruined Oak. He also mentions that they have been robbed by a group of goblins and based upon what he tells us it was not the same group that we slew today. However he is willing to pay good money to get his stuff back or if not possible for the heads of these goblins.

So adventurer who you read this – maybe this is an opportunity for you?

Who are these highwaymen robbing merchants down the road?

Where did they take the goods?

All of these answers and more in the latest issue of DEATHTOPIA : ROAD TO RUIN #5 East Bound and Down!

Trial DM Jacksus
Location: Fantasy Grounds Unity
Date: 14 March 2021
Time: 06:00 UTC
Levels: 1-4
Risk: 7