11 - 12-July-2023


Hard Stop 4 Hours
22:00 - 02:00


Death is a potential.,
Level 01-04,
Risk 06 Incapacitated is likely,
Risk 06 Incapacitated is likely, Death is a potential.,
Risk 07 Death is likely.

The Forest Stirs

An ominous silence has befallen the Sliver Grove, Sir Reginald the 3rd requests adventurers to investigate.

Dear Esteemed Adventurers,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirits and brimming with an insatiable thirst for thrilling escapades. I, Sir Reginald the 3rd, extend to you the honor of partaking in a grand expedition of utmost importance. The enchanting yet enigmatic Sliver Forest, a place once teeming with vibrant fauna, has fallen into a distressing state of desolation. It is now a shadow of its former resplendent glory, with the once jubilant melodies of its inhabitants silenced, replaced by a disconcerting hush.

Ah, my valiant friends, allow me to elucidate the plight that has befallen this mystical woodland. Picture, if you will, a verdant expanse adorned with towering trees, their emerald leaves caressed by gentle zephyrs. Majestic creatures, blessed with captivating hues, roamed freely, epitomizing nature’s untamed magnificence. But alas, something insidious has stolen away this idyllic paradise, leaving naught but a melancholic emptiness.

The Sliver Forest, so named for its ethereal shimmering under the moonlight, is now gripped by a nefarious enchantment. The sylvan tapestry has faded, shrouding the once-dazzling fauna in an enigmatic gloom. Birds, once known for their harmonious choruses, now emit naught but mournful caws. Butterflies, those delicate winged beauties, flutter with a palpable aura of melancholy. Even the playful squirrels, masters of acrobatic mischief, have lost their sprightly vigor.

Naturally, one’s heart cannot help but be seized with profound concern for these bewitched creatures. A forest bereft of life’s vivacity, stripped of its iridescent symphony, is a tragedy too dire to be endured. Hence, I, Sir Reginald the 3rd, beseech your assistance in this matter of utmost urgency. Only the most intrepid and resourceful of adventurers can unravel the mysteries entwined within this malaise that has plagued the Sliver Forest.

Should you accept this noble quest, your valorous journey will encompass many perils and riddles, for the forest’s affliction remains shrouded in a labyrinthine veil. It is said that an ancient curse, cast by a vengeful sorcerer long forgotten, has entrapped the forest’s creatures within an eternal gloaming. To dispel this sinister enchantment and restore the Sliver Forest to its former glory, you must seek the source of this malevolent magic and banish it with all your wit and might.

Venturing through the dimly lit groves, you will encounter a variety of trials that will test your mettle. Beware the treacherous marshes, whose murky depths conceal more than mere water. Unearth the hidden secrets of the forgotten temples, where puzzles of cunning await your triumphant unraveling. Traverse the tangled undergrowth, where unseen forces conspire to bewilder and ensnare the unwary. Your determination and camaraderie will be the torches that light your path through this arcane labyrinth.

In recognition of your invaluable aid, a generous reward awaits those who emerge victorious from the depths of the Sliver Forest’s bewitchment. Beyond the satisfaction of rescuing a realm of ethereal beauty, you shall be showered with riches and honors befitting the most illustrious of adventurers. Songs shall be sung, and your exploits shall echo through the annals of history for all time.

So, my esteemed adventurers, will you answer the call of destiny? Shall you traverse the Sliver Forest’s veil of enchantment and seek the liberation of its creatures? If your hearts beat with the fire of adventure, and your spirits yearn to reclaim the vibrant symphony of nature, then gather your weapons, assemble your company, and set forth on this wondrous quest that awaits you.

May fortune favor your audacious souls!

Yours with unwavering enthusiasm,

Sir Reginald the 3rd