DM: Waylander [7/19/2021]
Investigating Party:

Alister & Yuna- Grave Warden 2
Ithrael- Sorcerer 3
Katla Gyrdottir- Fighter 3
Silk Webweaver – Rogue 2
Ihnyn- Warlock 3

I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several others participated in a mission to cull some blight near Ruined Oak. We set out west along the road until we came to an outpost (1), where we stayed the night. We got some information regarding a spider entity, perhaps the same one mentioned in a book I found recently. Apparently a note was found at a tombstone(2) with an unlit lantern atop it, the note said as follows;

“I have managed to get a rough location on the spider entity. It might be within 1 or 2 miles of that spot. Now I’ll just leave this here in case someone is willing to check it out. MM”

Who MM is I do not know but I do want to go back to the area to investigate further, hopefully the opportunity presents itself in the future. We continued into the woods, where we ran across an increasing density of diseased trees. (3) We were attacked by animate plant creatures created by the blight, of several varieties. We found a buried chest with some money near a tree with marks on it. After this we ran across some orcs looking for their friend, Garrick I believe. We promised to keep an eye out for him as we traveled. We eventually reached what we believe is the source of the blight, a grove where there was an animate tree along with some sort of druid and more smaller plant creatures. (4) We ambushed them, killing the druid quickly, then fought the remaining creatures. Overall we had the fight under control but there were some strange happenings during it, duplicates of people, abilities not working correctly, things like that. We found Garrick in the clutches of the tree, alive. We found some healing potions on the druid which we took, along with the money on their person. We traveled back and came across the orcs. We stayed in their cave that evening and they also rewarded us with a potion of hill giant strength for bringing their comrade back safely.

All in all not a difficult mission, which is nice. Me and several others are using these sort of missions to gather resources to mount another assault on the people eating orc cave, anyone willing and able are invited to join us.