Mission: Scout out the Jubai River
Party: Marcus Wellspring, Ander, Zugall, Balthier, Astray

Today was a heavy day as two members of our society passed away Astray and Ander.

I will get straight to it, During our time “Scouting” we came across a battle field.. Huge the number of the dead combatants in untold thousands, Corpse Mounds raising above my head… we Saw Constructs walking amongst the dead picking thru them and attaching them to it’s body.

The construct exhibited several unique and harsh abilities, one that left me unable to move for a long period of time was it’s breath my muscles seized so tightly that I thought I would die, unable to move or speak I watched on in hoarer as we lost two members.

I do get ahead of myself, first I Heard a voice from within a corpse pile, I not to let someone die in such a horrorable way dove into the pile, wading with corpses over my head as I moved bodies out of the way some of them sloughing skin and organs away as I moved them, eventually I found the voice Channeling the healing Blessings of Ilmater into the being I found there I dragged her out of the corpse pile. Balthier voiced a lot of concern about the Being that I found there.

After the Battle, we were able to find out the name of the being that we had saved at the cost of two of our own.. Her name Saa Azeikan, Upon hearing the name Balthiers demeanor changed from what could only be described as open hostility to that of a Gracious Host. Please Treat Saa Azeikan with repect she has been thru much.

– Please be Safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring