Tl;dr: Group of adventurers find the mysterious Owlysians who live high in the mountains east of the UIF Portal. A peaceful city named Owlysium surrounded by trouble.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Owlysians can be signaled from the lizardfold village Bridlon.
•The Owlysians need diamonds to resurrect fallen.
•The Owlysians have been at war with the Aranea drow to the west for a century.
•The Owlysians formerly had friendly relations with a nearby Ashen Forge dwarf clan. Some of the dwarves of this clan have been taken over by intellect devourers and relations soured. Dwarf domain a potential hazard.

Session Title : Chapter 21: Looking for the Owlysians
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 02 Sept 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

Barry (Fighter 5/Cleric 1)
•”Scout” Dakka Doon (Fighter 6)
•”Cartographer” Gau (Druid 8)
•”Chronicler” Katla (Fighter 6)
•”Leader” Jyn (Cleric 9)
•”Trailblazer” Laucian (Warlock 6) with Sif the Familiar

Barry recount recent outing

Forge Mistress Jyn ask Barry to help group look for many “Owlysian.” Barry not know what exactly “Owlysian” be, but also Barry bored so Barry agree. Barry and group go from Port Mirandia to UIF Portal. Barry surprised that Psychic Katla never go through portal.

Barry and group decide to travel east, as Forge Mistress Jyn had heard Owlysian were east. Barry find the forest difficult to get through, what with overgrowth and webs. Barry also find hard to see from fog above tree. Druid Gau become bird to look above tree, see edge of fog and mountain then come back and tell Barry and group where.

Barry and group keep go east. Barry and group find river that need to cross. Barry bravely cross river with no crying. No crying. Barry did not cry. After river Barry and group go east. Barry and group come across many dead body from battle. As Barry and group try to figure out what happen, Barry and group attacked by many plant that move and have teeth. Plant make zombie and have bad smell that Laucian really not handle well. Laucian did not move for whole fight. Barry and rest of group dealt with many plant.

Near end of fight Barry and group see many owl people riding giant owl. Owl people finish plant, steal Barry glory. Barry unhappy but not say as owl people are what Forge Mistress Jyn looking for. Much talking happen, Barry bored. Owl group leader name Bo Marris and Barry and group somehow agree to allow many giant owl to grasp Barry and group in talon to fly to Owl people city Owlysium in mountain. Barry not cry and Barry did not have upset stomach after.

Owlysium from far away
Owlysium Landing Pad
Inner Owlysium

Barry think that Owl city pretty. Owl Bo Marris show Barry and group around town, ask where to go, Barry say tavern. Barry and group try Owl ale. It good! But all ale good to Barry. Owl Bo Marris talk a lot. Barry get bored, not really listen. Barry think hear that the Owl people have a drow captive and that the name of the Owl captive the drow have be Marsher Atrica, head priest of Owl goddess Aerdrie Faenya. That this situation be a century long.

When talk about many other thing, Owl Bo Marris also mention nearby Ashen Forge dwarf clan. They use to have good relation now bad. Owl people saw some dwarf attack another dwarf and a brain looking thing crawl inside. They try to tell many other dwarf but dwarf say Owl kill dwarf and now Owl and dwarf not friend. Psychic Katla say brain thing sound like “Intellect Devourer” and dwarf city might be all bad now. Owl Bo Marris did not like this news, ask for adventurer help. Also ask for many diamond as since dwarf conflict they run out and can no longer resurrect the fallen.

Barry think Owl people have big problem with war with drow on one side and war with dwarf on other. Since Owl Bo Marris ask for adventurer help, Barry ask if Owl have way to be summon, as forest walk to mountain be long. Owl Bo Marris say they have friendly relation with lizardfolk village name Bridlon outside edge of forest and they have way to signal Owl people. Barry and group digest information, finish ale, look around town, market, then go back to tavern to sleep. Barry and group still not sure about Owl people so Barry and group sleep in watch in tavern.

Barry and group sleep well though and in morning Barry and group again allow many giant owl to grasp in talon to fly to Bridlon. Some of group want introduction to village from Owl people so they not scared next time group go. Barry not cry and did not have upset stomach again. Do not believe Goblin Dakka Doon. Barry and group land at Bridlon and speak to elder. Barry choose to not listen, not that Barry could not listen. Elder maybe name Verisi, maybe not.

Since day still morning, Barry and group decide to scout part of forest unseen before. Near Bridlon is bridge to cross river. Barry happy! Barry and group find many spider track, going in direction Barry and group go. Barry and group keep going. Barry and group see another stone altar with spider like leg crawling around forest. Barry and group pass it by without touching altar. Barry and group find small village.

Barry listen to group talk to older lady, name Gertrude. She say village name Fish Silk Village. She said the spider people had just come to claim the fish that the village fish for them. She mention a horse that escape and could Barry and group look for it. It get dark so Barry and group say in morning. She let Barry and group sleep there and in morning travel direction horse last seen.

Barry and group come upon very dead horse, many slashes across body. As group approach horse, unseen two many legged spider, more than typical, drop from tree and attack. Barry and group fight spider and win!, then return to portal to go back to Port Mirandia.