Tl;dr: Adventurers protect a village from a siege of drow aligned forces. Owlysium representative request more help, can we give it?

Future Adventure Notes:
•The village of Bridlon was defended from of an attack of Drow forces.
•The Drow by the UIF portal are pressing the Owlysians, who are struggling to contain them.
•The name Voleth Bonewaggle was discovered inside a ruined tower containing a fading Hollow spell that created darkness.
•Forest area around UIF slow to travel through and only dimly lit.
•Dwarf city near Owlysium still a cause of concern to Owlysians, possibly being mind-controlled.
•Owlysians are seeking allies for military aid.
•The village of Alverton‘s location was shown to adventurers, currently no one has been there.

Session Title : Chapter 27: Starting Off An Eventful Year
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 07 Jan 2022 @ 18:00 UTC
Session Risk : 7

•”Chronicler” Barry (Cleric 3/ Figther 5) (played by Tootired78)
•”Scout” Dakka Doon (Fighter 7) (played by Le Count)
Dimble (Sorcerer 9) (played by TheOddity)
•”Chronicler” and “Trailblazer” Gau (Druid 10) with Bagheera the Sidekick (Panther 5) (played by Konopa)
•”Leader” Katla Gyrdottir (Fighter 9) (played by Arden)
Twee (Cleric 1, Ranger 8) (played by RCB)

Barry and group start in Port Mirandia, with idea, go check on Owlysian city, Owlysium. Barry and group take UIF portal enter deep dark forest. See many track of chitin, some giant spider, and two ogre. One track leave deep puncture hole in ground. Track head east. Barry and group go east, follow track. During travel, Barry and group find ruin of tower. Tempus tell Barry it radiate evocation magic, group think Hollow spell. Psychic Katla play with tower a bit, say trap door. Barry and group enter.

Down creaking step Barry and group enter small room, see stone circle with small opening inside. Tempus tell Barry the evocation magic stronger by circle, Barry and group think origin of Hollow spell. Along edge of stone circle, writ in giant, “Voleth Bonewaggle.” Barry and group do not know name, believe not giant name, also very old stone. Barry and group exit tower, go south east, follow track more, but Barry and group want get to bridge, cross river. Barry not swim.

Barry and group see more track across bridge, heading direction Barry and group want go. Forest travel take longer, Barry and group decide end day on west side of bridge, since small army recent on east. Set up camp. Goblin Twee say heard warhorn at night, far to east. Barry hear sound of fast movement across river, but not toward group during watch. Morning come. Barry and group try to sneak close to Bridlon village, see if army there.

Barry and group approach Bridlon, hear warhorn, closer. As Barry and group sneak approach Bridlon, see army camp outside village. Barry and sneak by and get to Bridlon wall, shout to let Barry and group in, Barry know village leader Verisi and Owl Bo Morris. Guard on wall say yes, gate open. Barry and group hurry inside, have brief chat about how Drow force attack village again, and flare to call Owlysian not working because of stronger fog. Barry and group fight for life.

Big army of many spider, chitin, drider and two ogre each with battering ram attack village. Psychic Katla get flare above fog. During fight more drider appear, also drider mage who throw fireball. Barry and group fight alongside many village defender. Very dangerous fight. Barry and group use arrow and magic to hold enemy force away from wall, behind which Barry and group hide. Many Owlysian arrive as remaining enemy force flee or die.

Owlysian Priest Bo Marris here, say spider number grow, leader of Owlysium decide put dwarf conflict to side for now, need focus on Drow. Owlysium stiil safe, but scout sent to dwarf city disappear, Owlysian people still very concerned about dwarf city though. Owl Bo Marris discuss with Barry and group previous Barry and group discovery of Drow tunnel of in mountain, show location on map.

Owl Bo Marris show Barry and group only two village Owlysian have kept secure, Bridlon and Alverton. Ask where Barry and group from and, if Barry and group have military. Druid Gau and Psychic Katla relay to Priest Bo Marris that Barry and group from coast and more explorer than military, as AFK be. Owl Bo Marris say Owlysium seek and need ally against Drow. Continued talk, Owl Bo Marris say adventurer need prove more trust worthy before access to specialty trade.

Barry and group spend night at village recovering. Barry and group travel to bridge, then pass tower again, get to portal. At portal, Barry and group see a large spider bite then wrap a smaller spider after dance, then take portal back to Port Mirandia.