Tl;dr: A sea hag east of Port Mirandia cursed the survivors of a shipwreck because the wreck my have woke something sleeping. Kuo-toa altars and ambushes left our adventurers bruised but not broken.

Session Title : Chapter 4: To New Adventures
Session Date : 21 April 2021 @ 18:00 UTC
Session DM : Waylander
“Cartographer” and “Scout” Barry (Fighter 2, Cleric 1)
Bloom (Druid 3, Barbarian 1)
“Leader” and “Chronicler” Nuemu (Bloodhunter 4) with Jardeis (Wyrmling 3)
“Trailblazer” Shish (Cleric 4)
Stonks Jr. (Barbarian 1, Fighter 1)

Barry and group decide to look for shipwreck on coast east of Port Mirandia. After some travel, Leader Nuemu finds tribe of hobgoblins he look for. They talk, Barry not listen. Leader Nuemu says we go find shipwreck. Barry and group go east. Barry sees wolves but we stay away from each other. Barry find tree stumps near boat that under water. Barry angry about tree.

Leader Nuemu shouts at sea. Sea respond. Leader Nuemu says wait. Barry wait. Barry see monstrous humanoids. The leader name himself Omran. Leader Nuemu and Omran talk about curse from hobgoblin witch that changed them. Barry not like curse. Leader Nuemu think he can help. Barry think Leader Nuemu addled. Goblin Shish ask if they want tool. They want. Barry ask Tempus for help to find witch magic but Tempus not show Barry help.

Barry and group think best talk to hobgoblins again, so we go back west. Barry and group ask hobgoblins where witch. They talk, then Goblin Shish talk. Goblin Shish say they lie then make them say where witch be. To go east 5 miles along coast, look for rock. Barry and group go east. Barry find dead group and dead animals. Goblin Shish say some recent, ask Barry to ask Tempus for help again. Tempus show Barry magic east, Barry and group go east.

Barry and group find three holes in ground. Holes not big. Barry and group continue east. Barry and group find rock. Different hobgoblins find Barry and group, they unhappy. One hobgoblin name Frim. Hobgoblins not want us here. Hobgoblin Frim looks at Leader Nuemu armband and says we okay for now.

Big tree by rock glows. Ugly Lady hobgoblin comes out. Leader Nuemu and Ugly Lady hobgoblin talk back and forth. Ugly Lady say something sleep underwater. Ship that wrecked might have woken. They talk more. Ugly Lady say name Madam One-Tooth then refuses ale. Barry not like her. More talk then Barry and group go west, back to ship.

Night arrives, Barry sleep. Barry watch. Barry sleep. Day comes. Barry and group go into cave on side of coast wall. It dark, Barry ask Tempus for light. Barry does not like water cave. Barry and group look around cave and find not much. Little things. Group decide to Barry horror that group going to swim into deeper cave.

Barry not swim. Not since little. Barry refuse to swim. Barry wait for group to come back. Druid Bloom come back and say Barry can do. Barry ask Tempus for bravery then let Bear Bloom drag Barry through cave. Barry close eyes. Barry sure he almost die. Bear Bloom bring Barry to ground. Barry hug ground.

Barry with Druid Bloom find rest of group in dark. Not sure why. With Tempus’ light Barry and group see gems on ground, chest by wall and a door. Leader Nuemu break chest to open, then Bird Stonks Jr. break door to open. Barry jealous he not get to break. After door Barry and group move forward and find altar with fish head people. Barry not like, group not like, so Barry and group go back.

Barry and group stopped by fish head people coming out of water. Barry and group fight with fish head people. Barry kill many thing with dart. Barry bravely let Bear Bloom drag through water again. No one see Barry tears in water. Barry and group rush back to Port Mirandia.