DM: Geokhan

Lvl Range: 10 – 15

Nog gathered a relatively decent sized expedition force, as we headed out to explore the unexplored we ran into a ritual sight, involving animal sacrifices.

The meaning of this place perverted, to what reason we do not know, but we do know it’s current purpose of sacrifice is not it’s original purpose.

Thanks to our mounts we made quick time, Echo would like to inform all of you that she was the fastest one. We saw a majestic heard of what looked like stripped horses, none of us decided to try and capture them so we made camp. The following morning was strange as several of the people had issues waking up. After checking each other it was found that several of us had Ticks that had made us their host. Beware nature sometimes it bites. Near the end of the day we found a well with a human stuck in the well, I was surprised that I did not have to insist that we bury the body, that was a very happy moment for me.

During our trip we have seen many animals but on this day we were greated by to people riding Giant Toads, or I believe them to be Giant Toads as I have never seen frogs this large, large enough for me to ride, but I did assist in the training of Gamabunta a very nice Giant Toad, I imagine they make very good mounts, not as good as Echo mind you but good. Friendly enough people they escorted us to their village. as we were lead into town a bustling trade could be seen with strange creatures to me at least.

The island presents me with new experiences and great opportunities to learn more and we learned of a town nameed Karko on the back of Carnos? The town we visited in our trip was Kamisuako.

The Trade center of Kamisuako

Much time was spent shopping, and asking about the future they see. These people have boats that obtain great speed, perhapes if trades go well they will even build some for us. Eventually we learned of a portal somewhere to the southwest. so we headed out to attempt to scout out the portal. We pressed on and found ourselves at the start of some Marshy Land. Beware the swampy marsh lands, I feel we all know this but it goes with saying, move with caution and go prepared.

They seem to be a fan of trying to drag you off, and horrible indigestion as acid was spewing everywhere.

This creature that was mostly a blob, that resembled water is worth noting for it split on several occasions, I believe without interference from the outside. They shrug fire based attacks off as if one were to fully submerge themselves under water. After a long and grueling battle we went back home. . . Beware the swamps in general it would seem