DM: Seph

Tier: 5-9


Konopa as Vivi

SlyOkami as Aneksi

Troy as Babel

GeoKhan as Coral

Chapter 1: The Apocalyptic Accident

We began our journey to scout the southern road from White Moon Cove, swiftly making our way to the crossroads intended to turn south.

But, we were met with a strange sight. A lake of opaque black lay bubbling nearby, at its centre a large island with a massive Dragon skull amidst it.

The swim looked around 300ft long, and when we checked, the liquid was indeed acidic.

We pondered many deadend ideas until, green behind the ears in chemical fusion me, decided that lighting the liquid aflame *might* burn it away or create an acidic deep lake with a dragon skull island at its centre, that is also ON FIRE.

Yes, I know, not my brightest moment.

Alas, it was worse.

I failed to ponder, two things.

First, the toxic flammable fumes the lake was exhuming, and second the damn dragon skull.

As I list up a fire, my world briefly exploded white, as my entire party was sent flying back. When we came to, we then noticed just a small problem, where as the dragon skull’s flesh was reforming and the ground beneath it was rising!

With some quick, wiser thinking, I shot a radiant projectile at it.

Strangely, it seemed to do the job and the possible ressurection was halted.

With the acid gone, Babel swam over and found some gems! Afterwhich, we decided to leave the rest alone and continue on our merry way.

Chapter 2: Jam? Jamb? Jeb? Balthier!

After making our way south, we encountered a strange building. A globe of florescent colours with many rising pointed towers. Coming to it, we found ourselves at a knobless, keyholeless, door. We knocked, and a voice entered our conciousness. Some, eldritch entity, who’s name I bit my own tongue trying to pronounce, owned the place and refused us entry on command from Balthier?

Im just as confused as you.

After lingering and chatting with it for a bit, a door, we continued south till we reached one of our abandoned and destroyed outposts. Burned mostly to the ground it was, from what we gathered a small company of Gnolls had taken it over for a while, some 40 or more of them.

Finding it to be safe other than some glowing catlife whom seemed non-hostile, as if those exist, we stayed the night.

Through said stay, we noticed a strange group of red-eyed individuals approaching the eldritch sentient doorway in the distance. 

Not thinking much of it, we slept through.

Chapter 3: Aneksi the blocker of Ads

The day after, we began scouting the area for traces of danger, until we arrived at a farmstead. Seeming mostly also abbandoned, we explored it a bit till we all came to its church. 

Going to it, a strange reddish creature shot out, though known to be nuetral, we ignored it and ventured in.

The entrance immediately took us down several stairs and into a long tunnel. Vehement on figuring out where this took, we went all the way and…

Found ourselved staring at a massive underground city built with curved, almost gothic ashen black and lit up by violet and purple lights.

We saw many strange creatures walking its streets, from umberhulks to humans and even illithids, living together. So close to White Moon Cove!

Entering the city, we were then met by its protector, a short one called Ezekiel.

He called the place, The City of Doors, and we did not argue.

Ezekiel explained that the city was for the followers of some god or other, jam? Jamb? Jeb? 

I wasnt about to ask him to repeat it.

He spoke of being low on supplies, and my keen eye noticed their guards to be lightly equipped. Perhaps in need of some trade, if we could clear the area of hostiles and rebuild outposts.

Otherwise, he let us stay the night and we found an odd Umberhulk owned tavern, a free stay!

I had personally a normal night’s sleep thanks to the protections of my patrons.

My party? Not so much, as hailings of the city’s establishments, their wares and services, apparently filled their minds all night. Should’ve subscribed to my patron I say.


After safely leaving the city, we safely made our merry way back home, noticing that the lake had strangely been replaced by a flowery field?… An accident for another time Id say.