Tl;dr : Adventurers from Port Mirandia successfully stop the awakening of a terrible Archmage by undead cultists in the Crypt of the Altist. Many notes were read.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Tons of lore to read
•Blood King is a bad bad guy, imprisoned in a blood-coloured citadel somewhere west of the Crypt of the Altist.

Session Title : Deadly Dungeon – Have an Escape Plan
Session DM : Geokhan
Session Risk Level : 7
Session Date : 21 Dec 2021 @ 19:00 UTC; continued 28 Dec 2021 @ 23:00 UTC

Barry (Cleric 3 / Fighter 5) (played by Tootired78)
Cavendish (Fighter 7/ Warlock 1) with mount Gamma (played by Troy)
Gau (Druid 10) with Sidekick Bagheera (Panther 5) (played by Konopa)
Katla (Fighter 9) (played by Arden)
•”Scout” Nalkris (Warlock 8) with familiar Avarace (played by Iceforge)
Rig (Barbarian 8) (played by Qarlynd)
•”Trailblazer” Shrieker (Ranger 5/ Rogue 4) with Wilber the mount (played by krforget93)

Barry and group had previously clean outside of Crypt of the Altist of cultist, but knew Barry and group had to go back. Barry had talk with Hob Druid Bulgerious about how need be soon. How ghost of cultist were trying to raise Archmage name Neugebaeur The Destoyer. Also how cult leader Tasuran work for powerful Blood King, and that Blood King was one who want to raise Archmage. Also how dangerous inside the Crypt be and that Barry and group should be very careful.

Barry and group travel southwest from Port Mirandia, along road. At crossroad Barry and group meet Monk Garden of Flowers, Hob Druid Bulgerious, and short, cloak wearing tiefling name Mimi. Monk Garden of Flowers say they travel with Barry and group to keep outside of crypt safe, provide healing and emergency transport, but can not enter Crypt.

Barry and group keep travel, night is safe with extra people, arrive at crypt midday. Barry and group put golden necklace found on previous journey here in door and door open. Necklace gone. Golden light shine out, see great hallway, with bridge that span distance. Hallway like look at starry night. Barry see group disappear as group go through, Barry follow.

Barry hear voice say “Welcome to Hall of Memory, honor those who have fallen, please pay respects.” Barry see images of people with blue eyes. Voice says “Blessings of Morius be upon you“, then repeat, unaltered by Barry and group presence. Or maybe Barry see writing with “Blessings of Morius be upon you” on door. Barry not sure now. Barry and group cross bridge, see ornate door, blood seeping out from underneath from other side. When door open, Barry and group see far side of bridge slowly disappear, so Barry and group push into room.

Room very dark, Barry not see far, even using magick. Many dead cultist on floor. Barry not see Bird Shrieker but hear talk about explore room. Suddenly Barry hear hear something say “intruder” and many creature start appear, some from cultist body. Some creature make dark darker. Large gibbering creature demise let Barry see again. Barry and group briefly look around, find note then press forward into narrow hallway.

History Part 1
Lore 2

Unmoving around hallway, many skeleton. Not responsive. Pyschic Katla say “Blessings of Morius be upon you” but skeleton not respond. Barry hear Psychic Katla mention ruby and table and then Barry and group attacked by many thing. Loud voice say “Intruder! Why do we not let the dead sleep“. Barry see Old Undead, but not aggressive. Barry and group kill everything attacking. After fight, Barry see ruby and table was magic and it turn Bagheera into ruby. Druid Gau sad, Barry briefly wonder how much ruby weigh and worth. Ruby Bagheera too heavy and big to move through hallway so Barry and group leave be for rescue later.

Barry have chat with old undead, he give name but Barry not hear well. Old Undead know name Blood King, say Blood King imprisoned on island in blood-coloured citadel to west. Imprisoned with all minion. Old Undead say to go “if you seek to die.” Barry and group find many note, another ruby and table that attack. Barry lose sight of Bird Shrieker, but think went down stair. Barry and group go down stair. Stair disappear as Barry and group move down.

a dream
DoD Notes: Plot Hook 1

After stair, Barry and group in room with many sarcopho stone grave. As Barry and group move around room, Barry and group attacked by floating ephemeral tentacle and crawling undead. Barry and group try to fight, but tentacle nearly invulnerable. Psychic Katla call for retreat north. Barry and group go. Barry and group rush down hallway, Bird Shrieker open door and see grell. Barry not know what grell was before.

Grell seem friendly, almost needy. Been alone a long time, talk lot. Say not had visitor in such long time, ask how war going. Barry and group ask what war, Grell say “with the M’hair of course”. Grell have name, Brand. Grell Brand say it a commissar of crypt, and tentacle is another commissar and also guardian. Say to use phrase “Blessings of Morius be upon you” to go by. Barry think hear Psychic Katla smack own head.

Old Poem

Grell Brand know name Blood King and Neugebaeur The Archmage, give poem written long ago by unknown writer. Neugebaeur once called Phimot the Wise, a bastion of hope against M’Hair. He sought aid in war against M’Hair, from The Twelve, also known as The Maligned, those what would be malignant to those that dwell below. Barry think they live in sky. The Maligned tricked Phimot when he tried to ascend, making Phimot corrupted in some way Barry think. Bad stuff happen after, rage and destruction, name become Neugebaeur.

Grell Brand tell of how it summoned by Darien long ago, and can not leave until death. Answer question, say Archmage in room north of tentacle, but that room locked, brass key in laboratory west of tentacle. Grell Brand call undead things crawlers, the forsaken who tried to sleep within the crypt, eventually curse of undeath came upon them.

The Outer Realms
Other Ramblings

Barry and group go back to tentacle room, say phrase, tentacle not hurt again. Barry and group explore further rooms west, eventually find embalming chamber. Barry see golden statue. Bird Shrieker find more note and brass key. Minor necromantic energy suffuse area. Barry and group go back to tentacle room, examine door, find lock. Lock has magic trap, but key open no trouble. Barry and group move through hallway then attacked when try to open door at end hallway.

Fight ghostly warlock, many skeleton mage and magic arrow trap. Warlock want to wake Archmage. During battle, powerful Archmage appear. Ask Barry who Barry be, then disintegrate Ghost warlock. Demand Barry and group leave him to his slumber. Archmage say in response to Warlock Nalkris that he had forgotten about Grell Brand, and would release him. Barry think that mean this different Archmage, since Grell Brand say summoned by Darien. Maybe Archmage Barry talk to be Darien. Barry and Nalkris check, Grell Brand gone.

Archmage Darien?

Archmage then say Barry and group should hurry, back to laboratory, to get back to sunlight. Barry and group do so. Golden statue make light now, and when people enter they disappear. All of Barry and group go through, appearing at crypt entrance. Garden of Flowers say Barry and group successful in task today. Say they keep crypt safe from intruder so Bagheera be safe until Druid Gau can fix. Hob Druid Bulgerious use magic, open tree, say walk through. Barry and group walk through.

Barry and group most of way back to Port Mirandia, then walk home safely after.