Tl;dr: A resupply ship, carrying bells required to complete the fort at Port Mirandia ran aground. Adventurers from Port Mirandia sailed around the coastline, successfully finding the beached ship, then the crew and then the bells.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Fort in Port Mirandia is complete and operational.
•The coastal areas east of Port Mirandia beyond the mountains seem mighty dangerous.
•Some ruins from an ancient civilization known as the Egoron Kingdom were discovered. Incredibly powerful magics were once used there.

Session Title: Does a recovery mission ring a bell?
Session DM: Geokhan
Session Date: 06 Apr 2022 @ 23:00
Session Risk: 6

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5) with the skeletons Dragonborn and Dwarf. (played by Tootired78)
Griters (Wizard 12) (played by Wade)
Katla (Fighter 14) (played by Arden)
Nog (Fighter 14) (played by Trulhammaren)
Twee (Cleric 1/Fighter 2/Ranger 10) (played by RCB)

Barry told by group that Druid Gau had spoke with raven Bird Lavender. Bird Lavender master of ship captain Stormy McGee, of ship Sarah Conner, note found on Bird Lavender read:

“Help if you read this, the Sarah Conner has run a ground about two days out. The storms was to bad, could not hold course. It there are any other survivors we will head to the high ground to the east. `
~Stormy McGee”

Barry and group try find Druid Gau, but find Bird Lavender instead. Barry surprised Barry can understand Bird Lavender. Bird Lavender agree to come with Barry and group to find bird servant Stormy McGee. Barry still cry about swim, but Tempus teach Barry way to not swim, so Barry brave ship voyage.

Barry and group hire ship and crew and sail from Port Mirandia. Sail due east for morning, see some hobgoblin fish boat to southeast as day got warmer. Near mountain peak, something massive bump ship. Barry and group see wake of large something moving rapidly away northwest. Bugbear Nog think fish greedy, but Barry not know fish well enough.

During afternoon wind die down, ship adjust course to northeast. Barry and group begin see desolate land to east. Barren land, with strange yellow hue in air. Heat mirage rising off land. Off to northwest raging storm. Further along coast, near peninsula to east, Barry and group hear loud boom, thunderous crack of earth. See dark plume rise over land, tower over hill. Plume become gargantuan, half mile tall creature of fire and smoke, emit keening wail and moan, continuously, then dissipate. Barry not want go there.

Ship move more northeast, Bird Lavender say “cah cah, we’re nearly there cah.” Ship go east, Barry and group start see flotsam in water. Timber, wood, net, crate, float in current. Captain say good sign by current direction that ship near wreck. Ship move northeast, day near end, but Barry and group see shipwreck. Bird Lavender say “squawk Sarah Conner, we’re screwed abandon ship.”

Barry and group go over on rowboat. Barry and group see nothing at first. As Barry and group approach, hear voice call for help from aft section. Psychic Katla approach, weird undead lady come out, call out “protect my treasures!” then attack. Stone figure on ship and under water come to life, attack. Dragon fly down, attack. Barry and group fight and win!

Barry and group search around wreckage, find no survivor, no bell. See gruesome remain of many dead sailor, laid out by someone with respect, eaten by animal. See drag mark track of heavy crate off to east, also track of many humanoid. Barry and group return to ship for night. Bugbear Nog fish for dinner. Goblin Twee say see glint of light from plateau area during night watch.

Barry and group return by rowboat to shore in morning, bring Bird Lavender. Barry and group follow track inward, see ashen landscape, but drag track and humanoid track diverge. Barry and group follow humanoid track, as it lead to plateau Goblin Twee saw light from.

Temperature get warmer as Barry and group move further inland. Area suffused with sulfuric stink yellowish gas, make Barry and group feel queasy. Goblin Twee leads way up jagged cliff over valley, Barry and group follow. Find plateau. Bird Lavender fly off say “Stormy that way.”

Barry and group follow, find four survivor. One say “see Barry and group got his message”, mention having gathered survivor but were getting afraid of large red creatures flying around. This speaker name self as Stormy McGee, then names rest of survivor, Meri, Rogan, and Tashi. They say someone stole bell, and they travelled east looking for food and water.

(left) Stormy Mcgee, Meri, Rogan and Tashi (right)

Barry and group think best if we bring survivor back to ship. Stormy McGee say land barren, ground treacherous. To watch out for stinky cloud, strange eerie noise and sinkhole. Say “ground in some spots brittle, one could easily fall into a chasm and stuff. Meri says it due to lavafication or some such.”

Moving back to shore, Barry and group and many survivor see ground dug up, violently, by animal clawing at dirt. Huge dog and reptilian track around area. Stormy McGee talk about many giant lizard that roam around area, and how lucky survivor were none came up to plateau. Barry and group get survivor to ship, start look for bell.

Barry and group move through plant, bitter, poisonous. See remain of ruined town or village. Goblin Twee think hear chanting, but now quiet. Thick heavy yellow cloud cause area to be dim. Barry and group follow drag mark into town, see someone start try to conceal drag mark, try make false trail. Ruin town around chasm area, with valley beneath, bridge that span gap. Chasm run north and south, Barry and group approach from west.

Barry and group move into older ruin, crumbled from age. See path into valley, but move north, hear loud animalistic roar. Goblin Twee see down alley, image carved in wall, covered up by dirt and moss. Goblin Twee move up wall, see big grubby caterpillar, and then Barry and group under attack.

Barry and group fight big grubby caterpillars that move through ground, frog humanoids with magic like Barry, and large hound. During fight Abjurer Griter magic lightning hit something in room, Barry not see, told after. After magic lightning, room begin to glow, crimson and dangerous. Barry heard call to run, Barry run. Light intensified, ground start shake. Abjurer Griter do magic wall and Barry and group run for life.

Barry see white flash, earth quaking. After few moment Barry and group go see. Area under Abjurer Griter wall now massive crater. Barry not see bottom. Walls around crater have many strange ancient arcane rune. Abjurer Griter say rune denote power and destruction, think was weapon of mass destruction.

Ancient arcane symbol for power and destruction

Abjurer Griter read image carved on wall in alleyway. Say name “Egoron Kingdom” and then say had image flash in mind when read, show image.

Image associated with Egoron Kingdom

Barry and group look around town for bell, find them. See town see conflict before. Stone blackened from fire and extreme heat, other stone melted, or blasted apart by great force. Believe town site of large battle. Barry and group take bell back to shore, then ship.

Ship start sail back to Port Mirandia. Barry and group see storm again to northwest, look bad. Barry and group and ship and survivor all make back to Port Mirandia safely. Worker unload bell and say fort will be complete now.