Dm: krforget93
Date: 05:01:2022 y. – 06:01:2022 y.
1. RBC/Aodh/ Barb 5
2. Nick/Amber/Cleric 4
3. Arden/Katla/ Fighter 9
4. Genthrock/Kirnis / Warlock 4
5. Le Count/Dakka Doon/Fighter 7
6. Trulhammaren/Nog/Archeologist 8
Party Makeup

Day 1: We started out journay with a bang as we made out way through the portal ZHT, planning on expanding our map, we made our way south. After a few hours we saw 4 furred animals into the forest, they were flurry Rinocerouses. We went in a circle for some time, losing a couple of hours, coming to the afternoon we found a cave.

It soon became obvious that we were in the den of a Young White Dragon, Katla and Nog reclaimed some small treasure, Amber used Detect Magics and becomes aware of a Sword that Katla goes to get, boosted by Nog. He gets to it and pulls the icy sword out but in the proces he alerts the dragon and a fight breaks out. The dragon calls in 2 whyrmlings and runs away, managing to get away from us, continual exploration, we find the rest of the treasure and take a long rest.

Day 2: A whole day of travel leads  to a peaceful night.

Day 3: We hear hooves up ahead, horse like. We try to hide and wait, leaving a single person, Dakka, as a spotter. It was Centaurs, they informed us that they have a Villlage southwest of our position, 3 days worth of horsetravel South-West. They were clad in golden armor, wielding Pikes, looking hevenly. The leader identified himself as Arthos: Centaur leader, Protectors of planes, plane’s watchers.

They let us know that Necromancers raise everything from people to frost giants, they are often hooded and secretive, no concreet dwelling, they may havee surrounded all of the tribes. I wanted to explore this further but we had no time to do so.
For us to be let into the village we pledged ourselves as planes protectors, giving our word to not kill beasts unprovoked and to guard the planes, we assume they speak of the plane-y region they inhabit.
Making our way to the village of the centaurs, they let the people that lack mounts to ride on their back.
A woman with a kid is saved from a beast by the centaurs and we learn that she is a refugee from one of the human tribes that inhabit the land around the portal, this happens when we cross the river.

On our journay Arthos tells us the following:
Village. – Marked in red
There are 4 other tribes that they are friendly with. – Purple Circles
They let us know the general direction of the Goblin tribe that tried to attack us on out journay. – Orange stripes
And the rough location of a clan that goes into battle atop giant reptilian dinosaurs. – Black Stripes

The Cenatur folk we met deal with metals to earn their gold and even had an Adamantine Chain to sell, infiormation on the other tribes about their collective trades was lost.

After reaching their village and getting a good night’s sleep, we made a beeline for the portal, we encountered 2 or 3 temples, details lost, on our way back. Probably important but we lacked manpower to explora any.
An exploration mission going in the footsteps of out way back may reveal more of the history of this region, but we lack good information on any one of the temples as we kept our distance.

In our way back we bypassed the following Hexes: ^^^