DM: Anca
Party members:
1. Rufus | Roshi | 2, Monk
2 NdBvDn | Amber | 2, Cleric
3. Omelette | Orgeron | 3, 2 Figh, 1 Pali
4. Nikotine | Imrae | 3, 2 Sorc, 1 Cler
5. krforget93| Shrieker| 4, Ranger
6. Skittle | Brohkun | 4, Paladin

Leader: Amber
Scout: Brohkun
Trialblazer: Shrieker
Chronicler: Amber
Cartographer: Amber

Day 1.We started our journey in Port Mirandia, heading north-west. Our first day of travel was mostly uneventful, but we did come across a living tree digging in the road in front of us, we carefully went around it as we didn’t want to engage it, it continued with whatever it was doing before we disturbed it.

Out day ended with a camp outside of the forest as Oregron with help of Shrieker was able to find and hunt 3 rabits and a handful of wild turnips. The night was uneventful.

Day 2. We started our morning with a cookie each and continued on. After 3 hours we finally reached the forest itself.

At noon we encountered a fawn in size no bigger than a dog, Brohkun befriended it and it appeared to try to lead him eastward. We followed that notion as we were to yet find tracks of any large beast or the beasts themself. After a few minutes of walking we arrived at a small house.
The structure is small, about half the size of a normal one with a door only about 5 feet tall. Wild vegetation surrounds it.

Amber casted *Detect Magic* revealing that the house was warded with Abjuration and Conjuration magic. Ogreron forced the door open, revealing the completely empty house, the fawn walked in and and a warm, amber flow started enveloping, until in it’s place there was only light. Shrieker revealed that they had heard a voice, speaking in a language they didn’t understand that had turned into one that they were able to say:

“It knows the path you came to choose,
it hears the breath you take,
the boards that creak beneath your shoes,
the leaves that crack and break.

It knows you chose to walk alone,
and how your secrets hide.
It seeds beneath the heart of you,
the creeping roots of fear,
and in your heart you feel it too…

…you’re always welcome here.”

The light appears to have subsided as the voice has, although only Shrieker and Brohkun had heard it. We chose to spend the night in the little house even tho we had a few hours of travel possible. The first 3 watches were peaceful, on the 4th Watch Orgeron heard Rane’s sudden neighs and whinnies. He woke the party up and going outside we found piles of recently disturbed earth, and Rane stomping on the them. Another soon appeared and a giant mole came out of it, one thing let to another but in the end there were 5 dead Giant moles. We took as much rest as we could after that and we started our day.

Day 3. We continued our journey in uncharted territory, a few hours into our daily travels Shrieker pointed out columns of smoke raising to the sky and becoming one with the clouds. After trying to sneak closer we were surprised by voices in the air, which revealed themself to be three pixies.
-A female one named Acinote, she bears beautiful orange and yellow  butterfly wings.


-A male one presented as Zalmoxis, his wings are metallic blue in colour
-The last one presented as Losaria, bearing wings of Black and Ruby
Due to us badly reading the small fey’s intentions we found ourself with a task to bring back an old friend of theirs. The small fey appeared to have a village in the area.

Reaching the hill that we were told south-east from -blank- , we met up with a beautiful blink dog named Mia and the person who we needed to convince to go back:
 -Gunnar Rocky Iro Nimbus Caraway Herb the 2nd, a small albeit taller than the fey we met and really fuzzy, and his pet blink dog Mia. After a short conversation we were send to a cave, guided by mie to get there, that supposedly held beautiful gems for him to give to the fey as gifts so he doesn’t go back empty handed, going there we found that the cave was locked with a puzzle, there were 8 pillars and a floating gem in the middle of the place.


To unlock the door do the following: rotate the gem clockwise 1once, then 3 times in quick successions, then 7 times, then 2;
After this 4 out of 8 should have lit up
Then rotate the gem counter clockwise 5 times, then 1, then 4, then 3;
After this all 8 should have lit up and the door should open.

Going inside we were met with 2 large Jellies which were dealt with quickly, we investigated the cave and inside we stumbled upon a set of traps, one of which hit Orgeron with a bunch of rocks. Crystal clear water was found in one of the rooms. In another there was a trap door going 20ft down ending in crystal clear water where we found the crown.

In the room the water trap protected was a Magical Censer imbued with Abjuration magic, a silk scarf imbued with Divination magic that allow you to see past Illusion magic but you only see things covered up by Illusion magic and 3 candles imbued with Evocation magic. As well as a handful of coins.

Runic magic guarded the last room in this cave. Three circles: Outer one had 3 runes on it and is of Abjuration magic, the second had 3 runes and is of Evocation Magic, and the third one had 1 rune and is made of Illusion magic.

Going in you have to have the will to stay awake going through the first circle, then use the candles to defuse the second and put the censer in the third so you can disable the most outer one so your companions don’t get put to sleep. Inside we found 11 gems and an altar hidden behind an illusion from the center circle. Wrapping the silk scarf around your eyes reveals it and allow the person to look upon it. On the altar it was written in sylvan:
“Our light will keep away your shadows”

The altar also bore three holes in that can be filled with gems of some kind to do something, maybe.
After taking the all of the 11 gems off the walls we went out of the cave with everything on us. We went back to the hill of Gunnar and due to one of us showing greed he was mad with us and demanded we leave and leave him the gems. So we left with the gems and went back to the fey village.

When we reached it a short conversation was had and Acinote came to speak to us. We gave them the gems from Gunnar’s name and I told them everything of what we found. They were quite shocked and told us that the place we were was called Beleb Lu and the things we found were sacred artefacts which we gave back to them.
We ended on good terms, slept through the night uneventfully and headed back to PM.

Day 4. We wandered through the forest going back to town as we encountered nothing while we were on foot. As the day was coming to a close as we reached the road that would lead us back to PM we found track of the ground. Bugbear tracks, and many of them. They were heading south-west. We made our camp for the night off the road in the case something were to come up. The night was uneventful.

Day 5. The day started slower but we were on track for PM and planned to reach it in even if we moved slower. We finished our day in PM, uneventful in the best meaning of the word.