DM: Tam

  1. Lone | Gray | Rogue 2
  2. Kiniz | Tabbytha | Rogue 3
  3. Nick | Amber | Cleric 3
  4. Seph | Danivoy | Druid 3
  5. Kudolink | Oros | Paladin/Bard 4

Dru Mickles the farmer came to ask for help with disapearing lifestock. He had a daughter, Angelica. The thing that was taking them appears
to ba bale to leap from tree to tree without breaking them and with lifestock in one of it’s hands.
Danivoy sences it southwest and we started heading there. He was mugged by a crow.
We fought 2 Yetis, killed them, took a rest and 2 gryphons almost killed my horse.

Danivoi got a heard of sheep and we went back to town.
Going investigating the next day we found the caves of the Yeti and inside we found glacial slimes.
They kicked our ass for a solid while but we managed to beat them.
Going back home was uneventful.