An orange cream colored catfolk sat in the tavern, fur sparse with aged burn scars and the matting of recent travel. She looked around excitedly, eyes darting from patron to patron, taking in the sight of men, women, heroes all gathered around. Eventually approached about her travels, she began her story.

“Alrighty so hi, I’m Tabbytha, used to hunt small game around Whitemoon, but you all know what happened there… Aaaaanyways so just the other day, I went out to help track down some orcs and boi lemme tellya, dey were some bigguns! Oh oh but first we had to track em that’s right! Teh farmer said a half dozen or so greenwackyguys had been stealing food, and some halflings too… wonder if we got paid for the quest upgrading to a hostage situ- anyways so I lead the people, yeah I do that I’m pretty cool but I lead the group, there’s four of us by the way… Think it was… Amal, Griters, and Ander. But we follow the tracks for a couple days around the woods, Thorny something something I’m not from up here but we avoided Thorny woods, and camped in an abandoned tower and the open. Glad we had those winter furs! Anyways after that we found em!”

She takes a good drink from her mug, and continues, although her words sputter and stutter at times.

“Soh yeah I snuck up on em real sneaky beaky… clawy… like, and when talkin didn’t work… BAM shot an arrow right into a orc! Up on my big lil hill all safe… but hoh-BOI those orcs can haul butt, ran right around me and bonked me out good and proper! Guess it wasn’t long till I was bein helped to my feet again with something sweet in my mouth, dunny what it was but tasted like a berry. Pretty good. Wonder if they grow round here. Then I’m slidin down the hill goin woosh! Swoosh! Moo- no that’s what cow’s say… But yeah we stab em up real good. Guess we forgot to leave one for questions though. But they mentioned bein inside a cave and a leader, so we made haste there and it was a BIG cave with lots and lots of purple crystals. No idea what they were though. Be nice if they were candy but i’ll have to check that later. Oh! There were some really big swords swinging around, but we pushed a rock and pulled a lever and they stopped. So if you go into a cave of purple rocks by the thorny woods, look for rocks that stop big swords. Then there was an evil magician who summoned some kinda fiend, but I stabbed him a lot and we knocked him out. Then we freed the halflings whop were gonna be sacrificed, made a drawing of the words on the alter, which I think needed more purple to represent the crystals, but apparently ‘charcoal only comes in black’ and we skedaddled after napping. On the way back we did see some giant dinosaurs though! I was hungry but they looked too tough to be tasty. When we made it back though, we got paid, and I was still hungry, so here I am!”

At this point, her food was almost out, so she reached behind her and snuck a bit off the plate of a passerby without their notice.

“It was an interesting adventure. We brought back the cultist’s severed head, I think the others wanted to ask it questions, but that adventurer stuff is a lot of jargon to me. I’m just tryin to help get my home back, and pickin up how to fight along the way. Whitemoon feels so far, but one day I’m sure I can go back to huntin in my woods!”