DM: @Krforget93

Cedric (Fighter 4) [@Waylander]
Valor Van Glorious (Paladin 1, Bard 2) [@Le Count]
Kaladin (Cleric 4) [@Chrus]
Bloom (Druid 2, Barbarian 1) [@Genthrock]
Yondu (Fighter 1, Sorcerer 2) [@SlyOkami]
Destiny (Sorcerer 4) [@Troy]

Summary for the impatient:
– We were able to finish one hex of the road before our workers were killed of
– We faced lots of huge and strong creatures including flying ones
– This area can only be recommended to experienced adventurers or anyone who is looking for a challenge
– We lost one our our comrades when we were almost on our way back

Section 1: Heading out of Port Mirandia
We are heading out of town with 40 union workers and their foreman Jassus just like a few days ago.
As we are crossing the bridge we see some fumes of smoke north of the bridge on the edge of the waterside. As we decide to ignore it and don’t waste any time of our workers we are continuing to follow the road up north.
A few hours later we come accross some mounted guards from Port Mirandia and are able to get close to the end of the road as the sun begins to set. Near the area of our campsite are 2 large boulders stacked on top of each other.
During the night Bloom finds a well that is constructed out of stones and literal skulls. There is a skull carved out in the shape of a bucket and the eye sockets filled with wax. Until the next morning there is nothing worth reporting.

Section 2: Construction begins
As the workers begin the construction of the road in the morning hours we see some humanoid figures in the distance. They seem to be hunched over seomething and some of them are digging. They tell us that they are just wandering around but we have a feeling that this is not the case. However they leave after they pull out a chest from the ground and take it with them.
Soon after that we feel the ground begin to shake tremendously but are unable to determine the direction. After almost the time of a short rest the shaking stops.
Kaladin then notices some huge animals and Bloom attempts to talk to them. They attack us when they come close and the following fight doesn’t go too well but we are barely able to manage ourselves through it.

Section 3: Aerial ambush
After we took some time to rest and our workers already continued construction we notice some shadows on the ground. They appear to be circling our party and as we look up there are very large creatures in the air 80 feet above us.
These creatures then relentlessly swoop down on our party and fly back up at least 50 feet. We try our best to kill them off quickly and make some time for our workers to be able to hide under the wagons but loose 25 workers in total.
Worth noting is that Bloom shot one of these creatures out of the sky with a web while being in spider form. Haven’t seen something like that before.

Section 4: Preparation to retreat
After the fight it dawns on us that the roadwork cannot be continued. However we decide to rest first before heading back and almost make it through an uneventful night until three huge creatures trample through our camp and attack us completely unprovoked. They trample every single worker and our party scrambles apart as we are unable to answer the charge of these creatures.
As the fight ends we notice that Valor died. We are then heading back to Port Mirandia as there is just nothing left we can do and notice a large group of people riding in the distance.

Section 5: Valor Van Glorious
I want to devote this section to our fallen comrade. He was a good soul and accomplished on his short adventuring life on this island the construction of the first five hexes of this road.
His words inspired us in combat and more than one time helped getting us up from the dust.
I hope that we will see more of his quality and am sad that he left us so early.
Before these beast stomped him he was able to land two very impressive swings on one of these creatures that were fueled by his divine energy. With these swings he almost kiled one of them single handedly. May you find peace Valor!

Section 6: A word of warning and advice to others
If you are new to this Island and not one of the seasoned adventurers you are up for a challenge when building this road. Don’t get me wrong, I personally came for that reason to this island but be prepared to get overwhelmed by creatures that are a lot bigger and stronger than yourself.
If a situation turns dire and your group is unable to answer the current threat it is ok to think about just trying to make it out of there without putting yourself in further danger that almost guarantees your death. If I had not gotten lucky I wouldn’t be able to write these words now.