DM: krforget93

  1. BillyDusty | Zugal | Figther 4
  2. Waylander322 | Ander | Paladin 2
  3. Kiniz | Tabbytha | Rouge 2
  4. Nick | Amber | Cleric 3
  5. Anca | Temp | Wiz 3

We went to help out a farmer named Kanzu on his farm beaaring the name: “Kanzu’s beef farm” with cattle disappearing problem, when we got there we found that the thing
that most likely were giant spiders. We investigated the area and formed a plan of action.
We scraped it and went in the tunnel the next morning. Going in we made a lot of noise, and fought some spiders,
Killed some spiders and found pots with coin which we took for us. We found a boody and a note on it

“The entrance to the Gar Maldir Dwarfs can be found at the base of the Himdun mountains.
It is here bellow the depths of these peaks their homes may be found.
We had no idea what that meant.”

More spiders attacked us and we dealt with them, Tabbhtha scouted ahead and with a plan ready we quickly crused the spiders in the final chamber. There was a giant egg encased in crystal. Bring yourself a shovel if you want it.
We took the few bodies to burry them outside and went back to town.