DM: Waylander

Shrieker (Dread Ambusher) played by KR
Gau (Little Fiery Druid) played by Konopa
Nog (Disciplined Hairy Bugbear) played by Trullhammer
Nahil (Entitled Sack of Dust) played by Neal
Lysing (Gentle Giant-Souled) played by Geokhan
Naal (Yours Truly) played by Mal

Summary for the hurried

Red > Blue > Yellow
  • The UIF terrain is a piece of crap, filled with giant insects, the apex predators of which are spiders that can be bigger than a mammoth.
  • There’s an Owl-people civilization which we’re attempting to help with the encroaching of domineering Drow (Do not confuse with the more enlightened society of the Forest of Thorns)
  • I do not know how we would make farms or raise animals in the terrain, what with giant insect predators and crap, I’d rather set the whole place on fire.
  • Nahil got reduced to ash. I’m sure that’s how he would’ve liked to go. Seemed painless enough.

Day 1:
We took the portal to survey UIF, or how I’d like to dub it: the Underdark Infested Forest and were immediately ambushed by two huge, and I mean huge spiders and something that looked like a large spider but with like twenty pairs of legs.

I thought this goddamned Portal was cleared!

Eitherway, Lysing got impalled in the leggy abomination but quickly misty stepped away, then unleashed lightning from his staff and wreaked all three spider-things, Shrieker moved away from the fray and shot at one. Nahil followed his example with his blasts of magical force, Gau freezed the crap out of them with a Cone of Cold and then turned into a fire elemental. Nog wailed at the thing that had impaled Lysing, and when I managed to move I finished off one of the huge ones and the leggy one. The other one was swiftly slain, and we saw some kind of spider person come off a tree and attempted to run. Shrieker quickly put an arrow thru it’s head – too bad we didn’t took it captive for questioning.

Gau transported us via tree to the start of the river, at the foothill of it’s spring. The place was filled with spiderwebs everywhere. Bad omen. Should tell Darcy, see what she thinks of the spot. Apparently Nog wanted to survey this area, quite close to the village of some kind of owl people.

We travelled up the foothill, closer to the wellspring of water, we found owlbear or owlpeople tracks but moved into our direction rather than follow them. The water sprang from a water karezes. IE a hole from which it sprang. Nog wished to make camp here.

The night was uneventful.

Day 2:
Exploring further away on sites thanks to Gau’s transportation spell, we came across a mammoth of a spider, big enough to be able to eat a whole town and still be hungry, which meant we had to fucking kill it if we wanted to make a town. We got the drop on it, and our combined efforts with the element of surprise dropped it in about 12 seconds flat. Pun intended.

Surveywise, the terrain hasn’t been ideal for town funding. It would take herculean efforts to keep cattle off the native giant insect fauna as far as we can tell. I do not know how likely some of these insects would be to good to domesticate. We made camp nearby, after reaching the same conclusions.

During the night we were visited by a seemingly lone drow woman called Abigail, she struck a conversation in her native language with Nahil. She seemed about to leave following the conversation in which Nahil behaved the most submissive I’ve watched him, then a Delayed Blast Fireball exploded all around us. Nahil hasted Nog and Myself and attacked some figure out of sight from our torches, then was disintegrated for his troubles. I think that’s how he would’ve liked to go. Issue is this caused letargy on Nog and me…

Abigail from House [Undisclosed]

Before I came to from my letargy, I was being assaulted by a huge demonic spider; Lysing was likewise under attack by this creature, Shrieker was in a countersniper battle with a Drow Archer, Gau was burninating the countryside with his fire elemental form while fighting a spider construct, Nog escaped my sight in the night to engage whomever had turned Nahil into dust. I greased the legs of the demonic spider while Lysing helped me with mobility spells, minced it’s legs, and while I removed leg after leg of it with my Scorching Cleaver. Gau finished off the sniper while Shrieker pelted the construct off and Lysing teleported behind it and boomed it to death, unparalysing Nog so he could take bloody vengeance on the caster who dusted Nahil.

Abigail after we were done with her…

Day 3:
We managed to rest for the night, retrieved Nahil’s remains, managed to survey one last spot and made our way back to the portal with Gau’s help. I put Nahil’s remains in an urn, you can visit the Half-Drow in Ruined Oak’s graveyard, you’ll recognize it with a bronze crown around it.

Good night, sweet prince.