Tl;dr: Adventurers from Port Mirandia talk, cajole, bribe, help, instruct, etc. with the farmers of Port Mirandia, to convince them to join the reserves, with success at getting enough.

Future Adventure Notes:
Vongrimath cultists have been periodically landing a rowboat at a fairly well hidden spot at the river west of Port Mirandia.
•The Military Reserve training grounds at Port Mirandia has been completed.

Session Title: Port Mirandia Military Reserve Training Grounds
Session DM: Geokhan
Session Date: 15 Apr 2022 @ 23:00 UTC
Session Risk: 0

Barley (Druid 5) (played by Tootired78)
Cavendish (Fighter 7/Warlock 1) with Gamma the mount (played by Troy)
Glanfath (Barbarian 9) (played by Mal)
Twee (Cleric 1/Fighter 2/Ranger 10) (played by RCB)
Vivi (Sorcerer 6) (played by Konopa)

Port Mirandia

You must forgive the tone and brevity of this log entry but I have had my fill of ignorant farmers today. The number of poorly treated plants and animals I saw this from sheer ignorance of simple things was utterly astounding. Makes me long for my days of seclusion. One farmer was going to eat this perfectly marvelous pig who was masterful at finding troubles. I tried to use magic to convince otherwise, but that just made things worse.

Our goal for the day was to swing around all the farms around Port Mirandia, and try to convince the farmers to send some people to join the military reserve force of Port Mirandia. A worthy goal I think, everyone should have some basic training should defense of their home be required. I do not envy the instructors for some of this lot though. One farm was led by a rather unnerving fellow, Bill Samal. Maybe someone should keep a watch on him.

We tried our best to help each farm, or source help for each farm. Some required more effort than others. I daresay that farmer that Vivi helped by exploding stumps out of the ground will not forget that. We found the long dead remains of a Port Mirandia guard with initials J.R., who likely died two winters ago.

Farms in the northwest had seen signs of night travel. A cursory investigation found a camp site that had seen repeat use, the last of which was three of four days prior. Someone had carved a piece of driftwood with a dagger in a skull image, used by the Vongrimath cult.

For good measure Twee and I spent the next day casting Plant Growth covering the entire area.

Mendal of the Fallen Frog Farm. Required assistance writing a letter from Twee and there was a hurt horse who needed healing from Glanfath.
Gertrha and Brendal of the Efficient Acres. Their goats were missing, but found and returned by Glanfath.
Mr. Bradshaw of the Rosemary Farm. Cavendish found a large clam was causing his well not fill. Also arthritic, we found some thyme from another farm that might help.
Thrana of Thran’s Vineyard. Needed some help carving wood for the vineyard. Twee helped. Also send a letter to Coy Stouts.
Tak Wilso of Takamono Farms. Needed help with invasive weeds, solved by putting a salt barrier between farm and weeds. Also had a missing pig named Ducky.
Walter Freedal of Freedals. Needed help getting a still set up for brewing. Robert Denearo sent help.
Keith Krankers of Krankers Carrot Farm. Needing help blacksmithing tools damaged by rocky soil. Brandon Banner was sent to help.
Samantha of The RC Moonpie Farm. Tree stumps in her farm were hard to remove, exploded by Vivi.
Maggie of Green Acres Farm. Thornbush thickets were needing removal but Old Bob thought they talked to him and allowed farm to thrive. Moved the plants by digging around the roots.
Bill Samal of The Red Beet. Needed help with leaking barrels. Twee helped.
Robert Denearo of the Baskers Potato Farm. Needed shoes. John Smith will make them.
Sally Bok of The KO Corral. Needed help with alchemy to make fertilizer. Vivi helped.
Hurburt of the Tyme Farm. Needed better shoes designed. John Smith will do so.
Wally Sodder of Sage Farm. Sage was not growing well. Plant Growth cast the next day satisfied him.
Fred Mackle of Seedless Acres. Cursed by a cultist. Barry was sent the next day to cast Greater Restoration and Remove Curse. Curse removed, his appearance changed back.
Kisty Thirstworth of Hoedowns. Needed help fixing an aquifer. Twee provided.
Gruther of Towering Corn Fields. Wanted entertainment, Cavendish provided.
John Smith of Gentle Elderberry Orchards. Wanted more cobbling business, accepted truffles as payment for making shoes for two farms.
Stan Tallman of Whie Moon Wheat Farm. Farmhands we not feeling well. Needing help cooking. Was determined needed help cleaning, as the dishes and kitchen were filthy. Soap and hot water applied to everything.
Salsa Lemain of Peter Pickapckuv Peppers Farm. Wanted portraits for farmhands if they were going to join reserves so families could remember what they looked like should they die. Mr. Henry will paint them.
Brandon Banner of Teppel Poss Farm. Needed help with his crops. His seed distribution was terrible, but was taught better.
Coy Stouts of Daisy Grass Meadows. Needed a shed repaired. Twee helped.
Debbie of Rocette’s Deep Spicy Tears. Wanted to play a card game of chance. Vivi played and won. (Familiar Linzi the ghostly head.)
Jane and John Applebee of Tender Apple Marches. Needed help with their trees. The trees were not being pruned well enough, were shown how to do better.
Petro of Fighting Hen. Needed new baskets to carry goods. Skrimshaw will make some.
Gentmon of Kanzu’s Beef Farm. Needed help getting things through the bureaucracy of Port Mirandia. Twee forged some papers with Mayor Eight’s signature.
Tillie Skyal of Tillie’s Turnip. Needed help as chickens were failing to thrive. Determined they were malnourished on a diet of only insects. Recommended a better rounded diet for the animals.
Dave Davison of Tumble Stone Farm. Needed help with a broken fence. Twee provided.
Skrimshaw of Seabreeze Farm. Needed a barn raised. Party helped.
Mr. Henry of Oceanspray Farm. Formerly of Baldur’s Gate, then Candlekeep. An artist looking for inspiration and appreciation.