Tl:dr: A group of adventurers escort and successfully build an outpost far southwest of White Moon Cove. While all the adventurers returned, many workers did not.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Outpost was successfully built, now possible to have three outpost stays following the road southwest out of White Moon Cove.
•At least one giant has a probable lair near the Greyspire outpost.
•A potential farmer vampire named Marketh north of Greyspire outpost.
•A stone pyramid close to the newly constructed outpost made people disappear for several hours.
•Curious old man named Gareth, purple robes with gold accents and edging, matching fur-lined skull cap. Possible time traveler.

Session Title: Dabbling in orange tea (v2)
Session DM : Geokahn
Session Date : 2 Feb 2022 @ 23:00 UTC (rescheduled from 1 Feb 2022)
Session Risk : 6+ Minimal

Aneksi (Paladin 1/Sorcerer 2/Warlock 2) (played by SlyOkami)
•”Leader” Barry (Cleric 4/Fighter 5) (played by Tootired78)
•”Scout” GarGot (Barbarian 1/Druid 7) (played by Tim)
Hanbal (Fighter 5/Warlock 3) (played by Genthrock)
•”Trailblazer” Tingork (Ranger 5/Rogue 3) (played by Tsi88)

Barry and group hired to protect worker while worker build outpost near Honor Gate, three day travel southwest of White Moon Cove. First day freezing cold. Barry and group meet Foreman Philip, Barry thing he almost too young to be foreman, but seem energetic and worker show respect. Foreman Philip say worker ready to move.

Barry and group and worker travel west along road. Pass by burial ground, many headstone, some ornate, many style. Some folk around cheer as Barry and group and worker, happy that work on outpost happen. West along the road again, arrive at Crossroad. At Crossroad, some temporary camp around well travelled area. Artesian well still work though deep cold of winter, Barry impressed.

Barry and group notice strange sight, old human, maybe slightly half-elf, Barry unsure, with long white beard, sitting in iron-wrought lounge chair. Old man wear vibrant purple robe, gold accent and edging, matching fur-lined skull cap. Old man notice Barry and group notice Old man. Old man say “Fair thee well traveler” and when asked say name “Gareth.”

Gareth comment about how Barry and group and worker are off to build outpost, then respond to Barry and group suspicion about how Gareth know outpost specific, say it “seem obvious, he seen similar group before. Seem progression going quite well.” Gareth then say that Gareth just old man who observe thing going about island, not to worry about Gareth.

Gareth then mention Gareth friend Barley, and how it good to see progress going on island. Gareth then wish to cheer Barry and group and worker on in endeavour, but examine each person individually, in way Barry found unsettling. Gareth then say will let Barry and group and worker go on way, which Barry and group and worker do.

Barry and group and worker continue on road, weather bit warmer, travel quiet and peaceful. Barry and group and worker get to outpost as heavy snow and cold wind start. Quiet but cold night at outpost. Giant GarGot in morning, say heard rumour of wandering bard with reputation as lady man, making many husband angry.

In morning Barry and group and worker follow road to next outpost. When afternoon, snow stop but still cold. Giant GarGot see track that walk up to road south from swamp then walk back. large humanoid track, like giant. Seem like lair nearby.

Barry and group and worker continue to outpost. Barry and group ask guard about giant, guard not see one. Guard does talk about seeing strange fire at night ,thought fire was from many kobold scout. Also talk about a farmer named Marketh, who live few mile north. Marketh only come outside at night, and might be vampire. Barry not like vampire. Barry and group discuss, and think obligation to protect worker come first, deal with potential vampire later, then sleep at outpost.

Farmer Vampire Marketh?

Barry and group and worker greet another cold day, but less wind is good. Follow road, see small herd of auroch near crossroad, light snow start. Barry and group and worker follow road all day, getting to future outpost spot as day end. Foreman Philip tell Barry that work will take three day. Many campfire made as people settle down for night.

During night Barry woke by Kor Tingork shout. Kor Tingork say ground explode with fire, but already snow melt freeze. Nothing more happen, Barry go back to sleep. Barry hear different voice, waking up to group under attack. Barry and group fight and win versus wyrmling, big scorpion, flying shark, ghostly head and undead spellcaster who run away and disappear. Some worker killed. Barry go back to sleep and wake refresh in morning.

Worker start build outpost. Barry and group investigate ground that Kor Tingork say explode. Covered by ice, tip of unnatural stone pyramid, etched with many symbol. Before Barry can think, Giant GarGot break ice, dig through snow, reveal pyramid. Five foot tall, old granite stone. Symbols etched all way down side. Tempus tell Barry the pyramid radiate enchantment, transformation and abjuration magic.

Giant GarGot ask worker for cart to take back, and to tie rope around it. When worker touch pyramid, he disappear. Barry not know why worker listen to Giant GarGot. Khenran Hanbal touch, then Giant GarGot touch. Barry and rest of group smart enough to not touch, continue to protect rest of worker as worker work.

During afternoon, magic pulse from pyramid, and missing return. Missing are covered in dusty sand, smell like ash, and are groggy. Magic fade from pyramid after missing return. Worker work until evening, finish pallisade, base building support and raise AFK banner.

During night, Barry woke by shout. Arrow shot to wall with note, but Barry not know what it say and no one tell Barry. Barry go back to sleep. Later, Barry woke again by bigger shout, see bright light over whole outpost area. Barry and group and worker attacked by large force. Many wyrmling, rat, boar, an axe wielding warrior, a large ghostly face and a brass-coloured dragon. Dangerous fight, dragon say stuff Barry not understand. Axe warrior burst into ice shards when killed, dragon escape, but Barry and group survive. Some worker die.

Barry and group sleep rest of night undisturbed. Worker work undisturbed all day. During next night, someone saw to northwest, a piercing light come from heaven and impact ground with massive impact, ground shudder. Impression left that something in sky smote something on ground. Rest of night peaceful.

Next day, worker finish outpost. Barry and group and worker spend night at now complete outpost, then return back to White Moon Cove uneventfully.