I find myself eager to adventure on these strange lands, I have not been here more than a ten day, and already the I feel welcomed by all of the adventurers here. Tagging along with these brave souls, we set out to protect the hard workers as they diligently build our infrastructure.

Going thru portals – This was my first experience with this type of travel, and it is most unpleasant, being fully unprepared for how cold this was I lost consciousness, this will not deter me. I may have given my traveling companions a scare as they seemed to be checking my pulse when I came too again.

Toy Castle – Our first oddity was a Childs toy castle that we found on the side of the road, Zanras found this toy a good home.

Warning Disease – Before the end of our second day we were greeted by a sign warning us of Disease, beware while I am unsure of the nature of this it seems to be causing concern so perhaps it is spreading fast.

White Oak Tribe – Our third day of travel just before stopping we met several tribe members from the white oak tribe they indicated they came from the west of where we met them.

We met the friendly group Lead by Vit whom introduced themselves as the White Oak Tribe.
Zanras spots shady figures

In the middle of the night, Zanras spotted several people carrying many things, they claimed to be merchants and were invited to approach. I have concerns as to why such people feel the need to travel at night. When the individuals got close a horrible sound was heard as a creature I have never seen before attacked.

Strange floating Creature whos eyes shoot “beams”
Angry Bird

The fight became a swarm of chaos, as birds swooped down to peck out Zanras eyes, and a ghost decided that I was to join it. The hellish battle, reminds me of the dreams, it was thanks to the steadfastness of our companions that we even survived. Zanras fell early, I found myself surrounded by enemies, frantically slapping away chill claw and beak alike, managing to buy enough time for Damian to come forward to help Zanras back to his feet, it was then that the first glimmer of hope was seen. Soon after another roar was heard, as Zanras transformed into a Bear! This was the tipping point of the battle. While I could not see it, I heard much horrible bone crunching. Soon it seemed that there was but one Lizard Person left, and was trying to lead us into a trap, ZuggZugg gave chase. However the creature was Magicked away.

Day 4 – We finally reached our destination to begin the road building, I do question our wisdom in continuing after that haunting experience. I did get to witness some strange ape-like wild life briefly.

keep your distance.

As the day progressed and the road was being built the workers came upon a slaughter field of boars. Zanras inspected the bodies determining that it was from some large reptilian creature, must be territorial for it doesn’t look like it at them for food. The rest of the day passed without incident but later that night Zanras got excited by a sound and transformed once more chasing after something eventually coming back with a message of sorts.

Who is Magelord Quaarus?

Late night encounters – Karthis had a small encounter with a maiden? I believe she went by the name Carnelle Virogon she was very friendly. Damian, had asked about Garden of Stones, we discovered that he dwells in the mountains south of the road, and he had a interest in the former dwellings of the Orange Strikers?

General Area of Garden of Stones

Even the Elements are angry as we went to continue our work we encountered two individuals running from moving earth/snow as a creature burrowed it’s way thru the earth chasing them.

Strange ice imp

I do not know what I had prepared myself for but the almost comical look of the imp bursting forth from the ground took me off guard as I began to laugh, but my amusement was cut short by a huge swarm of angry insects exiting where the imp came from. Shortly followed by a swarm of bats as well… This was insanity! it did not look as tho the creatures meant to fight so I stood my ground preparing incase they changed their mind. It was then another creature shambled it’s way out of the hole, perhaps this is why they were running?

Zombie? maybe?

It was at this point the two individuals we sought to save showed their true nature as they yelled something about taking their treasure and attacked us, in spite of their attempt to end us, we prevailed. Beware the small imps for they seem to explode. The rest of the fight seemed to be text book fight and we did indeed find a small treasure that they were after. What are the Blazen Blades? The return trip was just as long but far less eventful.


The most eventful aspect of our return home was a little rider, from the Silent Grove. Opodiamum works for with the Mangos and so far as proven friendly. He informed us of large snake like creature burrowing creature on the other side of the river, expressing concerns that the creature may be very hostile.

We returned safely, thanks to the quick thinking of the group and their ability to adapt and work together.