Party: Nalkris, Zugall, Don, Marcus, Jub

Mission: Explore the Sorrow Mountains east of Port Mirandia

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.” -Sun Tzu

Day 1: We set upon our journey briefly introducing ourselves. The travel was uneventful. We arrived at the village of the Gruff Gruff tribe east of Port Mirandia. Before setting up camp a Goblin named Kippon. He gave us a warning to not proceed into the mountains. He claims that there was a guardian protecting the island from spirits being released but adventurers inadvertently weakened the seal causing the ‘spirits’ to escape. Apparently his home was destroyed by these spirits. He said to beware of the Winter Demon awakening. Camp was uneventful.

Day 2: We found a pyre that was mostly burnt out but nothing of note. We then headed into the mountains and in our path was a creature with long spear like limb and dark black tears running down its face. One of its arms looked like it stretches out and stabs at things. We were ambushed by animated molten rocks and some wolf like creatures. They were dispatched after a short skirmish. We then happened upon some ruins in the mountains that read in Dwarven script The Hall of Horitimesh. We saw some kobold looking creatures that were climbing the mountain with a giant beast in a large net. It was muzzled. We then saw a mansion surrounded in mist that is the supposed location of an undead nest. We then decided to set up camp for the night. There was a bear in the night. It decided to leave.

Day 3: We traveled eastward into the unknown. We traveled unmolested. We werent so fortunate when camping though. We were ambushed in the night. We had just enough time to stand up and start fighting. And fought we did. And we fought more and more and then blackness. I arrived in a plane I knew nothing about. Suspended in nothing but my own thoughts I eventually arrived back to the material plane only to find that my party was beaten and surrendered. A red devilish looking man who claimed to be Lord of what myself and Marcus call the Sorrow Mountains. His name was Mesholfinus. He demanded a reason why we were trespassing on ‘his’ land and that we pay a tribute. He demanded one willing soul. Jub and Nalkris stepped up. As leader I demanded we draw straws but they insisted and figured it out amongst themselves. Ultimately Nalkris gave himself up and Mesholfinus said if we dealt with the undead stronghold in the south west corner of the Sorrow Mountains he would let our friend return. To what effect I can not speak for but in our situation it was the best option open to us. He said if we wanted to speak with him we could travel to the shrine north of the undead stronghold but only after the stronghold was dealt with. We were promised safe passage through the mountains and the rest of the night was calm. I barely slept never having lost a battle or a friend in such a way.

The rest of our trip was uneventful. We travelled back to Port Mirandia with our heads held low. Don had lost his companion Colonel whom had been very dear to him. He had not left the horses side the whole trip. This is my fault. I lead them to this. I will learn from this and return Nalkris to the AFK or die trying.