DM: Calmseeker
Party 5- 9
Zerdan, Balthier, Don, Zugall, Marcus Wellspring, Bardy, Griters

Some time ago I was conscripted to help protect some workers while they built an outpost, as we delve deeper into this Island sometimes I find myself wondering, Who built the portals? Then I am reminded of a saying that sometimes it is better not to know. I am brought to this because of the amount of slaughter that we Adventurers do in the name of things, I can only imagine the delicate eco system that have been crushing under heel since our arrival. It can’t come to anyone’s surprise that the hardier of the predators, herbivories, and omnivores will soon be the only things standing on this Island and if we are still here for that we will be staring down the inevitable War of Dragons. Enough of my ranting tho, we built the outpost successfully and this time no workers died, I did not have to tell a single person that their loved one would not be returning.

-Stay safe out there
Marcus Wellspring