Tl;dr: A group of adventurers successfully travel a long distance on foot to find a Phoenix, a fragment of its egg is the final component to completing the Dealer’s Office in Port Mirandia.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Dealer’s Office in Port Mirandia is complete and operational.
•Phoenix flame at the Dealer’s Office can be used to perfectly cook meat in six seconds.
•The fire giant forgemaster Apnar Geeman will be trying to make a partnership arrangement with the reborn Phoenix.

Session Title: The Order of the Phoenix
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 27 Aug 2022 @ 00:45 UTC
Session Risk: 6

Balthier (Rogue 12)
Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with Owl the Familiar and a skeletal swarm
Hanbal (Fighter 6/ Warlock 3)
Katla (Fighter 15) with Blink the Sidekick (Blink Dog 5)

Barry and group approached by Merchant Consultant Sungchan, say want to get fiery egg piece to be cornerstone of new building in Port Mirandia, Dealer Office. Egg of fiery bird called Phoenix. Merchant Consultant Sungchan say one sighted in Speckholme Glade mountain far to west. Barry remember hear rumour last time there. Merchant say ask local for more current and accurate information. Merchant Consultant Sungchan say only fragment of fire egg necessary.

Merchant Consultant Sungchan

Barry and group commence long journey west, along the road. During first night, watch notice dead lizardfolk with book dedicated to Sylvanus, writ in Sylvan. Book holy book, general text of Sylvanus worship. Barry and group use Tempus’ magic to cross river day two.

Barry and group find Fire Giant Smith Apnar on day three, trying to get honey out of tree with stick. Fire Giant Smith Apnar want honey to soothe rash from gnat bite on head. Barry ask Tempus to help and Tempus does, rash gone. Barry and group tell Fire Giant Smith Apnar about egg, Fire Giant Smith Apnar know about Fire Bird Phoenix. Fire Giant Smith Apnar hear tale of Fire Bird Phoenix that live west, say goliath named Huntsinger who live near lake in cabin to southwest who might know more.


Fire Giant Smith Apnar then say Fire Giant Smith Apnar has idea for container to contain power of egg since such are in highg demand. Say need two day to finish prototype, but will give to Barry and group for helping. Barry and group head southwest to find Huntsinger. During night, find dead firbolg with four goliath make arrow in back and bottle of “Original Succubus Bath Water.”

Barry and group travel to Goliath Huntsinger cabin by lake, but slowly due to mountain terrain. Barry and group greet Goliath Huntsinger, ask first about firbolg. Goliath Huntsinger say few day ago, firbolg thief tried to steal venison, Goliath Huntsinger shoot one arrow, then mention unknown thief steal many arrow week ago, and only arrow. Barry think odd thief only take arrow but believe Goliath Huntsinger.


Goliath Huntsinger raise eyebrow when Barry and group ask about Fire Bird Phoenix. Say saw on peak of mountain to north, sharp edged peak. Barry and group thank Goliath Huntsinger for information then head for Fire Giant Smith Apnar forge.

Fire Giant Smith Apnar greet Barry and group, say finish prototype early. Prototype metal and glass container, shape like bowl with place for egg piece in center, similar to funeral pyre flame. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say place egg in for one hour, say should hold remnant of power after that, but to not leave in bag of holding for more than one day, or flame might extinguish.

Barry and group ask Fire Giant Smith Apnar if Fire Bird Phoenix leave egg piece after hatch, after some back and forth Fire Giant Smith Apnar finally respond “Which came first? The phoenix or the flame? I don’t know, but someone else might.” Barry and group thank Fire Giant Smith Apnar for container, and information then head for mountain peak.

Barry and group take two day to get close to mountain, but Barry get group lost. Barry and group camp near mountain on sixth day. During night Barry and group attacked by several vampire spawn, some know powerful magic. One had goliath arrow. Barry and group fight and win, but Barry sad, magic killed several skeleton of Tempus army.

Beginning of seventh day, Barry and group get close to where Goliath Huntsinger say, find five dead goliaths and one tabaxi, burned quite heavily. Barry and group think probably work of fire bird. Barry take four goliath and tabaxi for Tempus army. Barry and group travel southwest, find long magic fire that mile long, but just twenty feet wide. Barry and group follow fire, end up near previous night camp, camp again.

During night, Psychic Katla see fire and destruction nearby, but not threaten Barry and group. In morning, Barry and group go northeast, sight peak, and at high noon see Fire Bird Phoenix. Psychic Katla apparently speak language Fire Bird Phoenix know. Psychic Katla has typical result, say later tried to ask Fire Bird Phoenix where it born, it pointed to top of peak, and if Barry and group could go look, which is responded to negatively.


Fire Bird Phoenix issue challenge and then attack. Fire Bird Phoenix so hot being near is dangerous. Psychic Katla drink flying potion, Eldritch Balthier, Khenra Hanbal and Barry shoot bow. Fire Bird Phoenix felled by mighty blow, but explode with fire when die, leave ash. In ash was small egg, that very hot. Psychic Katla use mind power to move egg to prototype container. Barry and group find some feather.

Barry and group head back for Fire Giant Smith Apnar forge, having peaceful night, get there afternoon ninth day. Fire Giant Smith Apnar pleased to see us return, ask if Barry and group know when it died. Barry and group respond high noon. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say Fire Giant Smith Apnar know that it will hatch twenty hour from that moment, and it will be very angry.

Barry and group discuss Fire Bird Phoenix with Fire Giant Smith Apnar, who say not need egg anymore as container is energized and working. Fire Giant Smith Apnar suggest Fire Giant Smith Apnar might be able to form partnership with Fire Bird Phoenix, albeit with much fire and discussion, but Fire Giant Smith Apnar immune to fire. Say might be able to make many special item with Fire Bird Phoenix help.

Barry and group think this good idea, especially since this idea let Barry and group evade Fire Bird Phoenix wrath. Barry and group thank Fire Giant Smith Apnar again, who say fullname is Fire Giant Smith Apnar Geeman, as Barry and group leave. Barry and group travel back to road safely over next two day, meet merchant wagon who ask to travel with Barry and group back to Port Mirandia.

At the end of eleventh day, Barry and group and merchant wagon get back to Port Mirandia. Barry and group take container with Fire Bird Phoenix flame energy to Merchant Consultant Sungchan, who glad to see Barry and group after so long. Barry wonder how long Merchant Consultant Sungchan think take to walk miles away and back and through mountain.

Merchant Consultant Sungchan say show something special with flame. Takes container to nearby clay furnace, get glove, shovel, and leftover meat from Barry and group. Put container in, then put meat on shovel, put shovel into furnace for six second, remove shovel. Show meat is cooked perfect. Barry is impressed. Merchant Consultant Sungchan say with this flame the Dealer Office will now be complete.