DM: Waylander
Date: 1/14/2022

We left from White Moon Cove early in the morning, making the decent time we stopped at the very first Outpost, on the second day we found tracks and found a Bug Bear camp, they were friendly and some of the party purchased Javelins from them. with that distraction we made for the second outpost having to push ourselves, we made it safely to the second outpost in our route.

Traveling is tedious but Kirnis mentions it so you know the outposts are doing well. We make our way down to the mountains, where these flying pests have been seen these Wyverns. Eventually after trekking thru the snow we find them, Eyes as Black as a moonless night. Without hesitation these creatures rushed us, swooping, stinging, and biting. Fierce little creatures they be, we mulled over the possibility of hunting for Wyvern Eggs and perhaps Hatching them so we could have them as mounts.

So we ventured further into the mountains looking for their nest, only to find a cave with orc cultists, black eyes like wyverns.

These orcs were Hostile from the moment they spotted us, launching explosive fireballs at us. Seemingly protecting a Monolith. Kirnis has seen these Monoliths before, and the one he saw had words written on it, in the languages of Primordial, Infernal, and Celestial that one said “Protect” “Secure” and “Order”

This one is different well at least the words are different, Kirnis is told that the Celestial word was, Store. The Primordial word was Imprison. And the Infernal Word was Eternal.

Monolith: Celestial Store, Primordial Imprison, Infernal Eternal

During the fight one of the Orcs bodies began to bubble and burn (it was dead or at least Kirnis thinks it was dead) then this creatures quickly formed from the remains of the poor Orc and said “Puny life forms like you have stopped me last time. But you will at best delay the inevitable.” Kirnis believes it is safe to say that this creature is attempting to do something with those Monoliths, and suggest that we figure it out sooner rather than later.

The creature escaped, we made sure it hurt, but it magicked itself away, Kirnis can only say the creature strikes an imposing figure, and seems to be a master of the arcane arts, approach with caution this time its goal was escape, and most of it’s power was probably being used to control the creatures that had black eyes.

Kirnis once again comes back safely with all party members.