Party: Don, Zugall, Marcus, Jub, Horace, Balthier

Mission: Finding the Shard on Jubai Wastes

Day 1: We travel north from Ruined Oak via the Briarwall bypass and eventually to the Jubai Wastes where we have heard a shard may lay. Travel and camp for the night was peaceful.

Day 2: We head out towards the north once more officially cresting upon the Briarwall bypass. Marcus spots a figure and asks if he is okay. He looks of a magical aptitude and possibly a merchant of sorts. He claims to be a traveler with knick knacks and such for those interested. The rest of the travel was uneventful and camp was peaceful. I later discovered he calls himself Mr. Blue.

Day 3: We arrived in the Jubai Wastes and spotted a strange structure in the shape of an obelisk in the distance. Don suggests that they are defensive structures built by the council. What they are meant to defend however remains a mystery. A ballista bolt flew past us and luckily no one was hurt. In the distance we saw a figure towards the east but were unsure if it was construct or giant of some sort. We then saw what can only be described as a tornado of fire appear near the construct/creature. Upon this realization our bear decided to pull us upon a hill nearby so we could get a better look at this what is now confirmed to be a construct of massive proportion. It seems we are witnessing a battle of sorts. They seemed to be constructs and elementals fighting one another. Don told us that it seems that the creatures/constructs are being controlled by someone who is handling them with great control. During camp we were attacked by a construct of sorts. Jub was killed by this construct after it paralyzed him with the rays it shoots. Apparently it can take someone to another plane of existence assumingly if they are affected by one of their beams. It took Jub and when they came back Jub was no longer with us. Whatever purpose it served is beyond us but we heard the Guantlet warning it to never come back again. We then finally put it out of its misery. We asked Jub, casting speak to dead, if he wanted to return to this world. He spoke the words “Animal die once, Jub die once.” and requested for true death. The rest of night was uneventful.

Day 4: We headed back in silence. Travel was uneventful and so was camp.

Day 5: We decided to check out the obelisk on the way back to town. So far we learned that it has a few words inscribed upon the sides of it that were in various languages. Marcus determined that one was celestial and said “Secure”. Horace determined with a detect magic spell that the whole structure was magical. The magic it emanated was transmutation, evocation, conjuration, and divination.

Day 6: We met Mr. Blue again and he sold us some items. He mentioned he was heading towards Trader’s Bay. He had many rare and valuable items upon him. Don bought some stone from him and after that I inquired about some additional items and realized that I could not afford them.

Day 7: We arrived at Ruined Oak worse for wear than when we left. We took Jub to Onuphi and let him put Jub through True Death. We failed our mission and another has died on my watch. I can only hope to do better next time.