What is Discord?

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.


As soon as you have created your first character, please change your nickname in the Discord to:

Discord Name(Character Name)

Please ping a Mod if you are unsure how to change your nickname.

How to format your Discord RP on Sleeper Island!

*Description of what the character is doing.*
“Words that the character is saying!”
**Spells or checks that your character is making.**


Bob enters the tavern covered in dry blood and bits of his former friend, he falls to the ground and softly whispers,
“I made it, I will keep our promise.”
Casting cure wounds at 1st level.

YAG – Custom Commands

Shows a link to the Character Roster on the website

Shows a link to the World Map on the website

Shows a link to the Mundane Item shop on the website

Shows a link to the Magic Item shop on the website

-report @user some reason
Report will upload a log of the last 100 messages in the channel and send a message about it in the report channel.

Thanks @user
You can give thanks (Reputation) when someone helps you.

Reaction Roles & Modular Server Access

We are using reaction role menu’s to let users view Discord Categories and Channels.

The reaction roles can be used after you have made a character and are setup on the roster, this is symoblized with the “Needs to Play” role or higher


Role & Access Overview

:dvd:to access the Fantasy Grounds Category

:book: to access the Play by Post Category

:performing_arts: to access the Roleplay Category

🌙 to access White Moon Cove
🌳 to access Ruined Oak
🔥 to access Town 3

💞 to access Adventure Family
:two: to access Guild 2
:three: to access Guild 3

:large_blue_diamond: to unlock the Marketplace & Crafting


Salt Golem@Salt Golem
Highest ranking staff.

Dungeon Masters

Mod@Mods are Pink
Chat Moderators & high ranking staff member

Trial DM@Trial DM
Dungeon Masters in training, running their trials to become full fledged Dungeon Masters

Valued community staff members, helping Mods and DM’s

Pre-Trial DM@Pre-Trial DM
Players that want to become Dungeon Masters, after passing their audition session they become a Trial DM

Player Level groups

@30 GodKing
@25-29 Demi-God
@20-24 Untouchable
@15-19 You’re so Big Now
@10-14 Still not Dead
@5-9 Riding their Luck
@1-4 Fresh Meat

Player Stage Groups

Needs to Play@Needs to Play
You have created your character and have been added to the roster and you need to play you first session, priority pick in sessions

Player @Player
This role get’s assigned to you after you made your first character and it will stay with you for the rest of your life, treat it with the love and respect it deserves

Make a Character@Make a Character
You have not yet created your character and most of the server is locked off to you until you have finished the character creation process