DM: Calmseeker 10/23/2021

Players: Nog 8, Gau 9, Katla 8, Barry 8, Nalkris 8

Nog and friends asked to go investigate the Blackfoot Inn and see what can be done. On way to the Inn no enemies run into, but Nog did see gold cats, totem showing marriage of Ispresso Maker and Zahando Washir (Nog think someone, maybe even Nog, try to figure out who these Washir’s are, see name far to often for coin incidence), a stone well, a naked lady statue, and last but not least a dark altar that turned out to be present for bad dragon Grimace. Party do good job of breaking altar. 

Party spend long time and discussion about how to deal with the kobolds at the Inn, eventually a good enough plan was made and set into action. Nog and Katla make an immediate charge toward the kobold we assumed was the leader of the group. Kobolds act much quicker than we guessed and Nog and Katla we magicked and unable to move for a little while. Rest of party manage to deal with other threats and make the magic stop eventually. Kobolds we strong, but not strong enough for Nog and friends to deal with with some amount of ease.

Nog suggest party warn Blood-Eye Clan to be careful as the evils may want revenge. On way party runs into a Druid called Zachary, Nog not know them but someone did. Nog and party begin to make way back from successful venture, party runs into a pumpkin farmer called Charles Brown. Farmer Brown’s pumpkin seem to have been taken, party say they look into disappearances. Party also find old lady whose prize pumpkin also missing. 

Rest of adventure very interesting, Nog find blanket that summoned popping candies, very fun, taste kinda like saltpeter, ran into some funny dresses travelers. Linens and Lenore Vanpelton were fun to play and talk to. Candy blanket turn out to be Linen’s, so Nog give it back. Later that night during Nog and Nalkris’ watch we spot a shadowy figure. Nalkris confront shadow as Nog waits by party in case it trouble. Shadow appear to be a scarecrow with a pumpkin head, which jumped off and started to run away. The body of scarecrow was holding onto a book about something called the Pumpkin Lord.


Much discussion later party decide to not follow pumpkin right away trusting in tracking abilities to follow it later once rested.  Trust good as we find the pumpkins later on after proper rest and shifting of rest time. Great Big Pumpkin attack party and puke up weird burny pumpkin juice all over some of party, very unpleasant, Nog not suggest. Much hacking and slashing later Nog manage to split giant pumpkin in half. Party return home with sad news that all pumpkins were smashed to Farmer Brown, who shared some pie. Nog think he say it called ‘Pea Can’ Pie. Much tastier than it sound. Party then make it home and Nog take long bath.