Tier: 5-9

Date: 26/2/2022

We journeyed to the mapped spot from Ruined Oak

On our way we spotted a pack of hyenas scouring the land

As we rested at night, a rat-person merchant approached us and spent the firelight with us.

Outpost at the end of the road is in the middle of conflict between orcs, kobolds and wyverns, needs assistance

On arrival we found that the spot cannot hold buildings, so we reconned the southern areas.

Spot below can stand buildings, but is hard to set up docks, not impossible though.

Wide river is to the south as well, too wide for a bridge, going inland. Possibility for a bridge further inland

Rough fight in the water during the night, between unknown creatures, one large in its hunting grounds I believe

Arcane Symbols were also found in the area, possibly posing beneficial effects to the area

Pack of these in seen in the area at night, attracted to light, normally solitary hunters

Ecosystem seems a bit out of wack over all, but town construction is possible one hex below the mapped one. Five further hexes of road is required.