Breakin at Riva
13th of february 2021


I, Nuemu, of the Order hereby swear the following to be (mostly) true.

About a week ago there were a break-in at The Glowing Oven. As a group we went to figure out who the culprit was and possible return some of the lost items or gold.

Talking with Riva and checking the shop we learned of two possible suspects. The first was a dark-skinned woman with black braided hair, turned out this one was innocent. The other was a fair-skinned woman with white hair and red marking around her eye, both Riva and the stablekeeper described these as two lines beneath the eye and bows about. This one sounds to be the culprit. Oh… Spoilerwarning?

Anyway turned out around 8.000 worth of gold was stolen and a secret project of Rivas had been spied on. Riva was quite tightlipped about the project but did say it was for protection of her shop and that it had cost her around 80.000-90.000 gp while she needed the 8.000 to finish the project.

Anyway, not knowing who was the culprit we did find a footprint and some manure. Thinking this came from the stables we went there for further questioning. Both our suspects had been by, as well as a sailor named Cobden, or Black Eyes, who had been by around the same time. Lacking better leads we traveled to Port Mirandia, failed at getting talk to the ship captain but did manage to set an appointment for the next day. This left us a day to enjoy at the tavern, where we met Seymour and his increasing flock of cultists. He seemed quite piqued I hadn’t told him about the portal system, but except from that it was a nice evening.

In the morning we met with the captain and got to meet with Black Eyes as well. After a talk with him we learned he had distracted Riva so the white haired woman could break-in, he’d also buried the gold outside town. In exchange for all this information we promised not to arrest him and keep focus on the lady instead… So… If you’re reading this try to forgive this man for thinking with the wrong brain.

Anyway – We went, dug up the gold, which was still there, and delivered it back to Riva. So half the mystery was solved, but now for the other mysteries.


If the gold was left, what was the purpose of the break-in?
Only thing we found other than the missing gold, was one of Rivas schematics being misplaced. This is a heavy investment on her part and probably connected to the 20ft tall golem in her smithy (that’s just a guess on my part). 

Who was the white lady?
No clue. Best guess from checking logs would be “Ice”, though I don’t see any mentions of the red markings around her eye.
The descriptions we got was, white skin, white hair, red markings around her eye (two lines underneath, maybe tears? and two bows above), a strange accent (best guess was giant, described as deeper than other accents), and she was beautiful enough to seduce a sailor (I doubt much was required, Black Eyes didn’t seem too picky). 
Also, she sold Riva a Periapt of Health before the break-in, but didn’t steal it back.

Who was the Black Lady?
Seymour said he met her in the desert of flies, where she threathened to kill his entire flock. She has dark skin and dark braided hair. Someone mentioned she might be Khenra. She asked Riva alot about her specialities, but refused to buy anything.