Mission: Find Riva’s Gold and the thief

The safety of the people shall be the highest law. -Marcus Tullius Cicero


Zugall– Self appointed strongest Rune Knight in all of Katashaka. Also the only known Rune Knight in all of Katashaka. (Half-Orc)

Shrieker– Friend of Zugall and rider of Wilber the Ankylosaur. A great friend but an even better Ranger. (Kenku)

Marcus– Fellow member and friend of Zugall. Also a pretty good cleric. He is very reserved but capable. (Human)

Jyn– A stout dwarf with strong will and a strong arm. A cleric of the Forge and a dependable ally. (Dwarf)

Nuemu– The strongest self appointed Blood Hunter in all of Katashaka. Also good at finding tracks and manure. (Gith)

Eagle– I dont know much about this one other than he seems to be pretty quiet. (Human)

Horace– A sailor who managed to get us an audience with a captain. Good man. (Half-Elf)

Riva of The Glowing Oven shop in Ruined Oak had a problem where some gold of hers had gone missing. Around eight thousand gold that she needed to restock her store was stolen. Our mission was to find the gold and hopefully the culprit behind this theft. Of course our journey starts in Ruined Oak. The first task was to speak with Riva and get her statement. She told us that there were two likely suspects. One a Lady with Dark braided hair and a darker complexion and the other a lady with white hair, a red line under each of her eyes and a possible red pattern on her forehead as well. We then inspected the back room where the safe was and discovered that there were footprints with traces of manure in them and a possible document in a hidden drawer that Riva claims without a doubt was disturbed. She specifically said her document that was not labeled with page numbers seemed to have been switched around. More specifically if these pages were numbered it would have been page 6 and 7 that were switched to instead be 7 and 6, Whether this is important or not we did not find out but from that moment I suspected the gold was a red herring. However we only had one lead to follow so Shrieker with his intrepid ability to track things managed to find the footprints leading towards the stable.

We of course went to the stable and asked the same questions but specifically targeting these two woman and any other unusual visitors. Shortly afterwards one the workers remembered a sailor by the name of Cobden whom he referred to as ‘Black Eyes’, due to the black around his eyes. They also mentioned that the Dark haired lady walked in between the animals. Where as the white haired lady just asked about the skills and proficiencies of the workers. She also asked Riva the same questions. I think they are planning something but I cant figure out what. Maybe she is being paid to find out our capabilities. I need more information first. Our leads at this point had dried up other than the sailor named Cobden whom we had hoped remembered something of use. So we headed to Port Mirandia in hopes that the ship was still at port.

Upon arriving to the harbor and asking for the captain two of the sailors refused to basically talk to any of us other than Horace who managed to get us an audience with the captain. Unfortunately we had to wait until the next day for this audience so we head to the Potted Plant in Port Mirandia where we found a peculiar group of robe and mask adorned folk. We spoke with them about the suspects in question where their assumed to be leader Seymour mentioned that he saw the dark haired woman two moon cycles ago which I believe is roughly two months. This is however useless as we cant glean any information about this robbery by going to the desert. But it might be useful to someone else which is why I included it. We then decided to stay the night there and headed out to the ship the next morning.

When we got to the moored ship we were welcomed by the same sailors who told us we needed to leave our weapons if we wanted to come aboard. With no safe place nearby we headed to the Pebble Toss Incorporated Guildhall in Port Mirandia. We gave a brief tour of our Guildhall and left our weapons safely inside our Pebble Toss Patented Vault. Remember when in doubt you better hope PTI is about! I am legally obligated to say that… Not really but anyways we headed back and the Captain spoke with us whose name I can not remember. I tend to lose a lot of notes. We told him about Cobden and he let us interview him which eventually ended up in Cobden telling us he was enthralled either magically or otherwise by this woman with the white hair which led to him helping her with the robbery. He told us what he did to distract Riva, had her go over his order with him again, and where the gold was buried for a supposed pick up. We expunged him of his crimes, gave him a warning, for his help with the investigation as long as the gold was found to be in proper order. We bid the captain and Cobden farewell and headed to Ruined Oak.

After following Cobden’s specific directions we were able to find a literal red X where he buried the gold. Cobden may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but at least he fit his stereotype well. I of course used my Giants might to grow in size with the shovel and quickly retrieved the gold. In time we counted it all and returned to Riva. We talked with her more about what we had found out and who our current suspects were. The prime suspect is the white haired lady with the red markings who spoke with a giants accent. If you see this lady please let us know as we have questions for her. Assume she is dangerous otherwise. We also learned about Thran who apparently is an iron statue that Riva has been working on. It is either her husband or some tribute to her husband. All I know is that it may possibly be the best quality craftmanship I have ever personally witnessed in all my years as a smith. After our brief interaction with the statue we returned Riva’s gold and she rewarded us with two refined weapons. A Hand axe who we let Nuemu have and a light hammer that we decided to post in the market. That conlcudes this part of the investigation and if any more information is found please let Zugall, Shrieker or Marcus know at Pebble Toss Inc as soon as possible. Thank you. Now a word from our sponsors!

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