GM: Calmseeker

Player Characters: Gau, Don, Shrieker, Jyn, Zugall, Marcus, Tenfoll’at


We heard that there was a road building project that has been on pause for a long time. A group of familiar and unfamiliar adventurers set out on this mission with a group of workers. I, Tenfoll’at, was a bit wary about Marcus since he displayed his stalking behaviours. Be warned fellow adventurers! He seems to be everywhere I swear.


During our trip, young Gau couldn’t keep his hands to himself and touched a sash that was laying around. Like who would touch things that are laid in a place where a trip was planned? Coincidence? I think NOT! There is no such thing as coincidence on this Island. You would never guess what happened to him? He grew older! That’s not the first time that this happened to Gau. He will be older than me by the next time I see him. If he doesn’t want to outgrow me, he better stop touching things that don’t belong to him. You all better remember why I look so young; I mind my own business!


The next day of our fun trip we were approached by some goblins and worgs but as team we dealt with them with barely a scratch on. However, the next day, we faced a wild giant, an ogre, Ettin, a devil named Balfor and a hell hound. This fight was scarier. It was like the deeper we were travelling, the worst creatures we were facing. Whilst going through their belongings for gold, we found a note that mentioned the Cromwell group. Gau mentioned having heard about this group in the past and apparently they resurrected Balfor and Yama Orochi.


You might wonder who that Yama Orochi is. Well that was our next encounter! This creature had multiple heads and looked like a hydra. I haven’t seen one in person before but I have read about them. They ate through our road worker in just a few seconds. Poor worker 2, he was one of my favourite ones. At the sight of this abominable creature, our party was smart to flee away. Part of me did want to fight the Yama Orochi as I don’t like to leave things who want to kill me alive but I am sure we will hear more things from the Cromwell group. We better deal with them soon before it turns like the gnoll thing that took over White Moon Cove.


Alright now your favourite hobgoblin need to stay alive. Can’t spend too much time writing, something might stab me in the back. Look for my next note, I don’t want to die until I know I am safe and free from him.