DM: @Jacksus

Cedric (Fighter 4) @Waylander
Valor Van Glorious (Paladin 1, Bard 1) @Le Count
Sshateth (Grave Warden 2) @BillyDusty
Bloom (Druid 2) @Genthrock
Yondu (Fighter 1, Sorcerer 1) @SlyOkami

Summary for the impatient:
– We are able to finish 2 hexes of Yatari’s Song Road (4/13 hexes done)
– We are able to negotiate successfully with the Lapendi tribe and the Uras tribe
– We learned of a lizardfolk tribe to the north and the Yuanti Kingdom of M’Hair
– We can report that this area is very dangerous and that a very large reptile named the Tyrant King lives in the area

Section 1: Meeting with the Lapendi tribe
As we left Port Mirandia with a caravan of 40 people and 3 wagons lead by the foreman Jassup we have no trouble in reaching the end of the current road. However we are met there by a group of roughly a dozent people who block our passage. Their leader is Braxus of the Lapendi tribe. He tells us that we are defiling the area with building the road. They also know who we are as some previous adventuring parties have met with the grandmothers of the tribe. We try to reason with them and tell them that they will be benefiting from the road as well as it shall improve trade and connections between different tribes. Somehow that seems to please them and they let us be.
We also received a rough description of the area that they call the Lapendi planes which is marked with red lines on the following image. If parties wish to talk to this tribe it is advised to meet them at their burial mound to talk to the grandmothers.
They also told us about the Kingdom of M’Hair, in which lots of Yuanti are supposed to live in. Towards the forest to the north where there is a swamp like area is supposed to be a reptilian tribe of lizard people who call their tribe Saruk.

Section 2: An earthquake and undead near the beach
Soon after Braxus and his people left us the feeling the earth begins to shake and cracks are forming in the area. The water begins to pull back, then rushes back in with extreme force. According to our group members an earthquake also happened the day before and might be caused by a very large reptilian creature that they call the Tyrant King.
We then check out the beach and find 8 mounds of sand that are 6 by 4 feet in size. I go near one of them and try to investigate it when an awful smelling undead creatures erupts from the sand. Soon other creatures follow and we almost got overwhelmed by them. However we did manage to find some gems in the sand piles so I suppose it wasn’t all for nothing.
After the fight our workers continue the road and make some good progress during the day until evening sets in.
During that time Bloom spots some giant war chickens and is able to communicate somehow with them. They do bolt away after that.

Section 3: Spider ambush during the night
After the completion of one hex everybody gets ready to get some sleep. During the first watch there are popping sounds to be heard as blueish white large spiders appear seemingly out of nowhere and ambush our poor workers. The rest of the group is awoken by the sounds of pain and fear of our workers and we try our best to fend of the spiders and protect our workers. But as these spiders are able to become invisible again they are able to get past us easily. During this ambush we loose a total of 4 workers.
We are then gathering up the workers and notice that some of them are unresponsive which fades after about an hour. The rest of the night goes by without anything worth reporting.

Section 4: Meeting the Uras tribe
After a very beautiful sunrise we get back to constructing the road. Well at least our workers do. During the morning we notice an event that can be best described as an electrical sensation. According to other logs we assume that the magic turned wild again for a moment. However I personally have no clue about these things and will leave that to others.
After some time one of our workers points out a group of elks nearby. Bloom approaches the elks as a crossbow bolt hits one of the elks. Searching for the cause of this we find a group of humanoids who appear to be barbarians and are lead by a druid. They claim these lands to be their own and call us traitors to the land. After trying to talk with them they demand weapons as a gift and we are able to offer 2 longswords and a scimitar, but are promising that more weapons are coming with the trade route. They then leave us be.

Section 5: A dock and a barricated door
As our workers take a lunch break we are able to spot a small dock nearby which is probably built by smaller creatures. Everything about the structure is of a smaller scale so probably gnomes, halflings or goblins are responsible for it. There is also disturbed sand in the area which appears to have been dug out and dumbed back. It doesn’t look to be that old so¬† presumably someone has been here in the last days or weeks. Additionally we are able to find a double door in the cliff face which is barricated as the handles are blocked. There is red writing on the doors which reads “Don’t Dead Open Inside” in multiple lines. Bloom decides to take a look but I am not sure what he has seen in there. I just remember him reporting of a very bad smell in there. If you need more information you should ask him.
As nightfall reaches us the workers are able to finish the second hex.

Section 6: The last night and meeting Darrin
We are able to camp near a lodge and a zen stone garden and during the night apparently a dwarf named Darrin appears who seems to be unconcerned with us and lays himself down to sleep after a brief conversation with me and the person on watch duty.
At the next morning we are able to ask Darrin what he knows of the area and he tells us that there are lots of barbaric people around as well as some lizardfolk. They can be rather kind but also fierce and cold when they need to be. He also advises us to keep a watchful ear to the ground. Then we might be able to sidestep some horrifying sights.
On the way back we see large tracks that come from the ocean. Some of us recognize these tracks as belonging to the Tyrant King and are only about 6 hours old. We are all very relieved that we don’t come accross this reptile. The rest of the way goes by without any trouble and we are able to arrive back at Port Mirandia.