DM: Jacksus
Session: Road to Ruin: Old Town

Bloom met with group, group bickered about who scout, Bloom scout to stop the dissonance
First sunrise out met other group, groups talkā€¦ but group miss the ants moving from home road disrupt, little ants, so diligent.

Others argue with each other, seems like some are blind to how body speaks. Nature on our side tho, Nature resolve issue.

It is odd to watch the others, they move so chaotically not like ants, ants move with purpose, Spiders that blink in and out of existence attack us in the dead of night, some die, death is a sad time but the start of a new life.

Met many who listen to land, this makes for a very happy time.

One way home we find house, abandoned so we thought, then the Tender come back, old, not sure what to be called.