Tl;dr: A group of adventurers brazenly follow the literal paper trail of a literal paper tiger dragon to a paper covered dungeon where paper monsters attack. Reams of paper were reamed. Our adventurers were hurt, some nearly dead, but in the end, the sword is mightier than the paper, with everyone safely returning back to Ruined Oak.

Session Title : Do I even know what I am doing anymore?
Session DM : Tsi88
Session Date : 8 June 2021 @ 23:00 UTC

“Scout” Allecks Jones (Wizard 3)
“Cartographer” and “Chronicler” Barry (Fighter 3/Cleric 1)
Christiana Perkins (Scholar 2)
“Trailblazer” Coral (Ranger 2)
“Leader” Imogène (Fighter 2)
Zanras (Druid 2)

Barry and group gathered in Ruined Oak. Hysterical fisherman come by, say saw biggest dragon ever, flying to north leaving paper everywhere it went. Fisherman indicate general location he think dragon go, and he bring paper. Crazy Allecks Jones take paper and say it Fey Vampire Agenda and Port Authority and Barry and group have to follow trail.

Barry and group go north, follow road. Barry and group continue on, see sign of struggle, find severed foot. Barry and group get closer. Foot is humanoid, with track of being drag toward water. Barry and group move on, see deer across river dart into forest. Druid Zanras want follow but group not cross river.

Barry and group follow paper trail, find rock, sticking out of ground. Rock is black and sparkly gravestone, worn from time. Name start with J” but unreadable. Barry and Ranger Coral hunt while group camp.

Barry woke by Crazy Allecks Jones screaming and running from something. Withered, coughing old man walk up to fire, lay down, fall sleep. Druid Zanras heal old man, but he not wake. Barry go back to sleep. Barry watch, many little frog arrive. Then big frog. Barry wake group. Zanras talk to big frog. Big frog and many little frog leave. Old man dead when morning come.

Barry and group move to where fisherman said paper dragon flew. Nothing there, but see paper trail to west. Barry and group go west. Then Northwest. Then northeast into forest. Paper at this point on trees, not ground. getting harder to follow. Barry and Ranger Coral hunt, then Barry sleep.

Barry wake up to Crazy Allecks Jones screaming at orc lady holding great axe. Ranger Coral and orc lady talk. They consider fighting but decide against. Then they talk paper dragon. Orc lady hunting paper too. Orc lady say it silent, dangerous and flies about the forest. Orc lady say paper look like feather. Orc lady say she continue hunt. Barry sleep

Barry wake, watch, wake next watch, then sleep. In morning Scholar Christiana Perkins say she notice many boulder. They seem unnatural, placed in rectangle. Barry and group look closer, think boulder used to be building. Barry and group go in and see floor with hole. Hole used to have stair. Druid Zanras become spider and take Allecks Jones into hole.

Barry and group go in hole. Find paper strewn about room. Room lit with magic light. Barry and group find toilet and bathtub. Find pig cooking on spit. Find room of many paper bird that feel like they watch, many book strewn around. Crazy Allecks Jones try to grab book but it grab back. Barry and group attacked by flying book and paper. Fate seem against Barry and group but Barry and group prevail. Barry need rest, group agree.

Next room Barry and group attacked by more paper. Barry and group win, but some of group hurt badly. Barry not see, but Scholar Christiana Perkins find lever that open door. Door lead to room with glowing equipment, magic candles, paper dragon parts, and a skeleton by a book. Crazy Allecks Jones stab paper heart with dagger and then stop moving. Barry appreciate quiet. Scholar Christiana Perkins read book. Book say “more! more! more!” continuously. Map in corner has area circled nearby. Paper dragon head in other corner.

Barry and group leave hole, go south east, head back to road. Barry and group leave forest, see dark shape slam into forest behind. Barry and group continue to road. Near end of day, Barry and group hear monkey howl. Barry think more sea monkey. Barry watch Druid Zanras rush toward many monkey, cast spell at one and bring it back to group say new friend name “Mo”.

“Mo” leave while group set camp. Barry and Ranger Coral hunt, find good food. Night pass. Day come. Barry and group take road south. Barry and group accosted by many bandit. Bandit demand toll for road use. Barry and group refuse and then fight. Bandit not much fight, fall fast. Barry and group continue on road south. Barry and group find box with small ivory toy inside on way to Ruined Oak, where Barry and group arrive safely.