TL;dr: A group of adventurers try to find a Winery, discover that it is moving in time and space. They save a deposed fey Queen from some fey hirelings who wanted more money. Then nearly get lost in an enchanted forest, then encounter Garden of Flowers, who imparted some important information.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Winery is hard to find, reported to be moving around in time and place.
•”Queen Prentensish” was ousted by her sister Diva from some fey court.
• Pudú reported to be a good fey.
•The news that the Urital cultists had captured a ghost alarmed Garden of Flowers who said it would be used to open a door in a tomb in the Altist and implied this would be very bad for everyone.
Burbus in the Forest of Thorns has information related to the Urital/Altist situation.

Session Title : New Moon
Session DM : Geokhan
Session Date : 11 Nov 2021 @ 18:00 UTC

Aodh (Barbarian 5)
•”Second Scout” Barry (Cleric 3/Fighter 5)
•”Leader and “First Trailblazer” Katla (Fighter 8)
•”First Scout” and “Second Trailblazer” Zerdan (Ranger 8)

Barry talk about recent adventure.

Barry and group decide to look for Winery for some reason, Barry not sure. Barry and group set off and Psychic Katla lead wrong way. Barry and group find healer kit on road and many day old dead body near. Barry think animal had nice meal. Barry and group backtrack then cross bridge. Barry and group follow road, hear noise. Barry and group see many frog riding some sort of salamander drake being attack by some imp. Barry see group intend to help so Barry help too.

Master Zerdan shoot both imp, they explode into many worm. Barry stay away, not sure what worm, but frog and salamander eat dead worm. Barry and group try talk with frog and salamander, not work. Master Zerdan try talk with magic to both, not work. Someone think worm rotgrub.

Barry and group move once more then set camp for night. Barry woke by someone, orc group come into camp. Talk about danger of traveling during day, better to travel during night. But then they settle at fire. Barry not let orc into Barry tent. Barry sleep, but Barry woke again.

This time Barry woke by shouting of hydra attack. Barry go out tent and see fire-breathing hydra right there. Many orc nearly die to fire. Barry and group slay hydra. Barry go back to sleep, watch, day come. Barry and group head southwest toward where Winery supposed to be.

Barry and group travel throughout day, no incident. Master Zerdan wake Barry and group after hearing noise to east. Master Zerdan then disappear. Barry and rest of group wait, then hear fighting so follow east too. Barry last to arrive, see big house being attacked by fey things. Barry think see Master Zerdan and Psychic Katla get drunk just being near some, while other cast magic that make ouchie sound boom. Barry hear shrieking from inside, someone talk Sylvan, say go away, already paid, stop try break in house.

Barry and group kill fey outside house. Barry tell shrieking voice to stop shrieking, Barry and group here to help. Barry see what Barry think is pixie female. Barry wary. Barry learn be wary of fey when little. Pixie, come outside, ask every one name, then invite inside.

Barry stay outside, group go inside. Barry hear pixie name “Queen Pretensish” and that group should “bask in her glory. Queen say that Queen hired dead fey to go get something. Queen talk about feyfolk living in forest south, at the Fey Courts. Queen have many sister, was ousted by sister Diva. Queen offer food.

Barry listen as group ask about Winery. Queen say Winery move where and when it wants. Barry think that mean hard to find. Queen say she last saw Winery southwest. Queen then invite Barry and group to sleep in house, and to look at all possession. Barry talk to Tempus at some point, detect enchanting and illusion magic all around. Abjuration on Queen. Barry and group decline invite and go back to camp, rest of night go by.

Barry and group go southwest. Forest weird, trees lean away to let sun hit Barry and group. Barry and group smell cinnamon and see big many butterfly fly southwest. Barry and group notice river not here, when should be. Barry talk to Tempus again, all around is enchanted. Barry and group try to leave forest, but go deeper. Barry and group think Master Zerdan should trailblaze, Psychic Katla is lost. Barry and group feel strange sensation, Barry know not use magic.

Barry and group notice halfling watching. Halfling ask Barry and group if fey. Group say no. Halfling say name Lilac, from Milltomb. Barry and group tell Lilac about being lost. Lilac says Barry and group very far away from river, agree to take us back to it. Lilac say Lilac stay away from Queen Pretensish, imply dangerous. Lilac say Pudú is good fey. Barry not sure if any fey be good. Barry and group leave forest, head back for road to northwest.

Night come, no incidents. Barry and group go northwest, see tabaxi monk meditating. Psychic Katla name monk Garden of Flowers. Barry and group talk with Garden of Flowers. Garden of Flowers interested to hear report of Urital cultist activity, especially that cultist had ghost. Garden of Flowers say ghost needed to open something in place called The Altist, a place that is very dangerous and pointed southwest. Garden of Flowers resaid what they said to another group, that in the Forest of Thorns there someone called Burbus who can help somehow.

Barry and group thank Garden of Flowers for advice and then push to return to Port Mirandia before the end of day.