Party: Nalkris, Astray, Marcus, Ander, Zugall, Baltheir

Mission: Scout out Jubai River

Every life is worthy and every life is capable of greatness. We have an obligation to make sure that opportunity for greatness is there. – Condoleezza Rice

Day 1: We are traveling between the sliver forest and briarwall forest to head up to the Jubai river. It was a peaceful day of travelling and camping.

Day 2: Another peaceful day of traveling and rest.

Day 3: We found a horse and then decided to take him with us. Another peaceful night of camping.

Day 4: We arrived upon a battle field between gnolls, bugbears, goblins and some dragonborn. We saw a group of Constructs that gathered corpses on spikes upon their person and were dumping them onto a pile in the field. It seems as though they are gathering them for someone or something. Marcus seemed to have heard a voice within the pile of corpses and dove into the pile to find survivors. Shortly after he crawled out with all sorts of gore upon him with a friend this time.. This thing was missing an eye and didnt seem like it was doing to well. Two of the corpse collectors attacked us after marcus pulled them out. During the fight we lost two companions. Ander and Astray fell to the 2nd larger collector. Marcus acted fast and cast gentle repose on the both of them. Now we have to hope we can bring them back and save them but first to get back in once piece. We moved away and took a much needed rest. Then we set out and camped. The night was peaceful.

Day 5: We awoke and the creature we saved started to feel better as it spoke with us more about itself. We learned its name was Saa Azeikan and that its mother had left and new mother left as well. Its home had also been burned. We convinced it to come with us to our guildhall in Port Mirandia. Hopefully the trip home is uneventful. Travel was peaceful but during camp we were attacked by a large ogre like creature and some ghoul like creatures. They were dispatched easily enough and the rest of the night was uneventful.

Day 6: Travel was peaceful and camp was uneventful.

Day 7: We ran into a trading caravan during travel but was uneventful other than that. Saa spoke to us and offered us her hands. We all gathered and grabbed her hands when she teleported us to Ruined Oak. Afterwards we looked for wills for Astray and Anders. Finding none we took the next step and Marcus spoke with them. Astray wishes to come back but Anders had his final rest. We took Astray back to PTI for Marcus to tend to him with Gentle Repose until we can find a diamond to revivify him.

PSA: One construct had a breath that paralyzed you. It almost seemed to hit everyone within thirty feet of him. He also seemed immune to nonmagical damage. Stay seperated as the other had an attack that could hit everyone within a short distance of it. These attacks were quite devestating and are the reason two of our companions arent here.