Sarrukh it to me
Date: 09 April 2021
DM: Neal

Yondu the Captain
Jerime the Teacher
The sound of rattling bones
Babel the Professor
Blue the Astral
Nuemu the Drink-Dispenser
Jardeis the Dragon

I, Nuemu, of the Order hereby swear the following to be (mostly) true.

So appearently we have some lizard allies up in the jungle, or at least had, they seem to be gone now though that is a bit uncertain. Anyway.

We traveled through the portal to get up near their city and after a bit of discussion managed to find a small village full of ziggurats which our brave leader claimed were a Sarrukh Village. Oh, in case you, like myself, were unaware Sarruhk is just another word for the local lizardfolk, I haven’t met any of them yet but it might be polite to remember.

The town was empty, except from an extraordinaire amount of mostly useless traps. We spend the rest of the day looking for life but only found the local fauna and flora. Blue did manage to find tracks leading northwest from town, so by morning we followed.

We didn’t go far before we managed to disturb, quite by accident, a sleeping golem and had one of the hardest fights of my life.

If you manage to find a similar creature on your travels I have a few advice for you. First, if it seems to absorb your lightning just stop punching it with more, because the explosion it send back is no laughing matter. 

Also, watch out for the trees. It managed to tip one of the oversized jungletrees on top of us.

Back to the story. Blue was dead. And not as in, “pop a goodberry and back to fighting”, but as in “Can anyone here maintain the freshness of a newly battered carcass”. We tried what we could to get back our bluescaled companion, but even as we hurried back to town there were nothing to do.

On our way back we were followed by a small pack of Yuan-Ti Malisons. Before opening the portal we made contact and had a not so enjoyable conversation as they tried to provoke us to strike first. As that didn’t work they wanted to know where the Sarrukh had gone. We didn’t really know the answers and it seemed the intended to follow us until we lead them there, funnily enough they didn’t seem to know of the portal system and I would have loved to see their faces when they woke up to find us gone.

On a last note:
Blue didn’t have a will so we brought her to the graveyard, if you knew her feel free to bring flowers.