Pre-Trial DM: Espada

From 04 to 19 May 2024


  • TheOddity/Shargram/Barbarian 4
  • Naiiz/Ozil/Sorcerer 3 (temporary)
  • Tiffthatsit/Wynlee Morningsun/Cleric 3 (temporary)
  • Halowman/Mikey/Paladin 3 (temporary)
  • Qarlynd/Raq/Swordmage 4
  • Omelette/Merana/Wizard 4
  • Calmseeker/Xavier/Druid 4


Party was called to help a farmer named Jameson plagued by hostile goblins. Jameson’s daughter Marygold was kidnapped by goblins. Discovered hideout of goblins. Managed to defeat goblins and save Marygold, returning her to her family.

Disclaimer: Not all goblins are violent. I have met a few goblins in town that were generally friendly. It’s just that in this case, all the enemies happened to be goblins.

  • Boy named Jonathan came to Potted Plant Inn in Port Mirandia and asked for help. His family’s farm was attacked by goblins. Party went with him to farm.
  • Farmer was on fire with smoking rising into air. Helped put fire out. Met Jonathan’s father Jameson. Jameson was owner of farm. Explained how goblins had kidnapped his daughter Marygold. His wife Miriam was sickly in bed. Wynlee and I helped her recover by healing her.
    • This was a chance for me to try and redeem myself after failing to rescue a child’s parent that had become a snowman a few months ago.
  • There were a few goblins that had been killed in fight at farm, which we searched through. There were a few goblins with the following religious symbol on their faces:
  • Ozil tried to discern which deity that the symbol belonged to but could not figure it out.
  • After I got general physical description of Marygold, we followed the goblin tracks. As we approached goblin hideout, I sensed dark presence that affected the Weave. I was able to discern that it belonged to Nerull, a god of death and darkness. The symbol found on the goblin bodies the day before belonged to Nerull, so it was easy enough to guess that the goblins were devotees of Nerull.
  • It was night time, so we had to decide whether to rest near goblin tracks or find another place. We decided to find another place to rest for the night in the same hex.
  • The next day, we came upon a cave entrance where the goblin tracks led inside. Guarded by one goblin. We tried approaching stealthily but failed. I cast Create Bonfire over the goblin, killing it surprisingly and instantly. Others like Merana were annoyed by not getting a chance to do anything, which irked me to hear when the quest should be focused on slaying as many hostile goblins as possible and saving Marygold.
  • Entered dark cave. Came upon about a dozen goblins. They attacked light sources like myself as I was using my Starry Form to conjure luminous arrows to shoot at the goblins with the starry radiance of Corellon Larethian. Although they outnumbered our party of 7, it did not take too long to slay the goblins.
  • Went deeper into the cave and came upon a big, heavy stone door.
  • The door was searched by Raq, whom made a snide comment about having a chance to learn something to Ozil, and Merana. Door was booby trapped. Figured out that rubbing blood on door would open it and disable traps, so I volunteered by spilling blood and placing it on door, opening it.
  • After walking for a few more minutes, we came upon a wide chamber lit with torches. There were 2 robed goblins that looked like shamans, a muscular goblin, a goblin wearing a sleeveless robe and a fair-haired girl chained to a small stone slab. Girl matched the description of Marygold.
  • Merana asked where the girl was and somehow missed Marygold chained to the slab, so I told her. Merana was not very perceptive.
  • We called for them to release Marygold, but to the robed goblin, death was equal to freedom, which showed that further talks would prove futile.

“Death is what I offer as freedom. None of you will be leaving this chamber. Durge, I am tired of this talking, take them (Durge was the muscular goblin).”

-Robed goblin of Nerull (boss of the goblins)
  • The robed goblins were likely the priests or mages serving Nerull, and Marygold was the sacrifice offered up to their dark deity. It was an affront to Corellon.
  • Battle ensued. Robed goblin without sleeves was likely boss based on his demeanour.  
    • I used Moonbeam and my Starry Form.
    • Shargram went into a rage, and his hands became sharp claws that he used to tear into the goblins.
    • Ozil cast arcane magic by whispering enigmatic words that seemed to deal psychic damage onto the enemies.
    • Merana cast Magic Missile and bolts of fire, which were admittedly as good as using Create Bonfire when they made contact.
    • Mikey used a longsword that he imbued with smites. His full name was Michaelangelo.
    • Raq used his greatsword that he could float around. He could also teleport a short distance.
    • Wynlee used Bless and provided support overall to the others.

As we fought, robed goblin boss pulled a dagger of dark metal from his waist and carved the symbol of Nerull onto his chest. This caused him to transform into a large, grotesque form that was much stronger and durable.

Despite this transformation, we managed to defeat the goblins with only moderate difficulty.

The keys to the chains binding Marygold were found on the bodies of the goblins by Raq and Ozil. Raq seemed to complain in a foreign language. His words often had sharp edges to them, but I had to admit, he was greatly capable in combat and exploring. There were no keys for the leather band that was gagging Marygold’s mouth and fastened to the stone slab, so Shargram helped free the band, releasing Marygold. Marygold thanked us.

Before we could breathe sighs of relief, the chamber and the entire cave began to crumble and collapse around us. The floor cracked into pieces, and we made a mad run for the exit. Thankfully, all of us including Marygold managed to make it outside alive.

  • We went back with Marygold to Jameson’s farm. Jameson thanked us, and we had a large meal with the whole family in the barn: Jameson, Miriam, Jonathan and Margold.
  • The next day, we said farewell to the farmers and went back to town with a successful quest completed. Despite my reservations on the implusive nature of Merana and sardonic quips of Raq, I said farewell to the others as cordially as I could before heading to the inn to celebrate a small personal success towards redemption.

“Well, it was nice to adventure with most of you, and for those were not as much, you were skilful, I must admit. Farewell for now.”